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Zoom Audio Recorder Black Friday Deals 2021

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Are you looking for Zoom Audio Recorder Black Friday Deals? Our guide will give you all the details on H5, H6, H8, H1n, and H2n Cyber Monday and Prime Day deals.

The Zoom H5 is an excellent option for recording audio, logging footage, and in general just being out on the go.

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Zoom H6

Zoom H8 Audio Recorder

The Zoom H1n is a compact digital recorder with in-built microphones.

Zoom H2n audio recorder

The Zoom H4N is a powerful audio recorder that can be used for both live and post-production recording.

Zoom Audio Recorder Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021

These are the brand new Zoom H8 recorder, but what makes it different from its other brands? We’re going to take a look at the two of them and see precisely what the h8 has to offer.

Zoom H6 vs. H8

The H8 is an easy upgrade for the Zoom H6, and it’s worth considering whether your needs are better served by this newer model.
The upgrade from the H6 to the H8 is straightforward. Users will notice how well tailored this new model can be for their particular needs as opposed to other models that they might have used before in

Zoom h8 black Friday

Inputs & Attachments

The H6 comes with four xlr/jack inputs, but the H8 has two xlr/jack inputs and four xlr inputs for six combined.

You can attach on these little capsules, microphones that work in a wide range of different situations. With the h6’s four onboard recorders, they don’t have this zoom audio recorder but instead include a quad capsule. The Zoom H6 and H8 both come with three attachments.

The Zoom H8 comes with a four input xlr cable. The total number of inputs is now 10 which means the recording capabilities are off the charts!


It features a powerful built-in microphone with a sturdy, plastic case and an on/off switch. It also includes a USB micro port for charging, as well as the compatibility to charge from any power bank.

Zoom H5

Zoom H5 is my favorite recorder for making short films and YouTube tutorials. It comes with the XY stereo microphone attached, which you can detach from the actual recorder if needed.

Zoom H5 Black Friday

Formats of Recording

Default recording capabilities allow you to record any audio in WAV or MP3 file formats. The SD card has a maximum capacity of 32 gigabytes, which is plenty for long-term recordings.

Zoom H1n

The Zoom H1 was my first field recorder with integrated mics, and I learned a lot from the time I spent using it. Considering this, I think the zoom h1 n is also a perfect device for learning how to record sound.

Zoom H1n Black Friday


The plastic, designed to be tough against being dropped or thrown from one surface to another, is high-grade and can produce a strong recording.

I knocked the h1 on the floor and it landed against a hard surface, popped off the battery cover. I dropped it accidentally but everything works well and is in good shape relative to the original H1. The new h1 design is fancier, but the controls have moved and are now primarily on the front of the device.

Features & Components

The buttons are padded and thus provide better tactile feedback than the original. It has a 3½ mm microphone input, can record two microSD cards up to 32 gigabytes, and the microphones are polarized with an XY configuration. It’s easy to use unlike the original.

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