Yamaha Yas 109 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

yamaha yas 203 review
yamaha yas 203 review
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You are looking for Yamaha Yas 109 Black Friday Deals 2021 and other discounts? You’r in luck. In this article, you will find all the info about Yas 109 and other models that have CYBER MONDAY’s new sales and discounts.

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Yamaha Yas 109 Black Friday Deals 2021

It is a solid soundbar with wireless subwoofer and control apps.

Yamaha Yas 109 Black Friday


The soundbar is just over 32 inches in length, a little more than three inches tall if you set it on a tabletop. Yamaha threw in a wall-mounting template with the device for either configuration. The wireless subwoofer needs power, too—wireless doesn’t cut it without power! The Yamaha YAS-203 is 12 inches square, making it easy to conceal. However, Yamaha also includes a Toslink audio cable in the box for those who want to enjoy their sound system with TV speakers and higher quality audio equipment.

Yamaha’s AH-203 soundbar is a good option for people who need just one connection to hook up their audio source. The manufacturer includes an excellent remote control with the soundbar, though you might have to get an additional cable in order to set it up. Jbl Flip 3 Black Friday Deals


There are a few lights located on the left side of the front face of the speaker. When you have an input connected to your TV cable, there is a blue light that remains lit when you are in TV-mode. You can connect an analog audio to the CD player, your television or satellite TV.

Yamaha Yas 109 Black Friday Deals

Soundbar Modes

Bluetooth is a variety of sound modes available on the speaker to change. The sound field is based on your preference and based on the audio track. If you ve got Dolby to surround sound and play, that will indicate as well on the right is your status light to make sure.

This is the first soundbar on the market with a built-in subwoofer you can wirelessly connect.

Why pick Yamaha Yas 109 on Black Friday?

The 205 will pass remote control signals to the soundbar, ensuring that the signal is not lost before it reaches your receiver.

The Yamaha YAS203 includes a digital coaxial cable and an optical TOSLINK connection. Please note that speakers may already have one or both of these, in which case you can plug the other type in just to give yourself some choices. You also get standard red and white analog connections on the back of the receiver Want to see how the remote control works? You can use it to control your source input.

Final Verdict

You can activate the Clear Voice option and listen to music in surround or stereo. The clear voice works nicely for TV shows, news-radio, etc.

The Yamaha YAS203 is a high-quality stereo amplifier with advanced voice processing. The sound coming from this amp way more clear and detailed than other amps, and the statement “voice” enhancement option helps to reduce disturbing sounds caused by background conversations or other noises. However, I found that for some people the same feature actually made their voice too muff

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