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Winix 5500-2 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Winix 5500 2 Black Friday Deals 2021: Complete Guide

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Winix 5500-2 Air Purifier Black Friday Deals 2021

The Winix 5500 is about 24 inches tall, and it’s about 15 inches wide. It’s 8 inches deep, and features 3 different filters behind this front grille. There is a washable pre-filter behind the first pre-filter, followed by a carbon filter, and finally an additional carbon filter. Get a deal on the Honeywell HPA300 Home Air Purifier!


winix 5500-2 black friday


There is a true HEPA filter air that travels into the unit through the front grill. Still, on each side of the front of the unit there are considerable gaps here on either side of the front grill, so air traverses in from outside and through these openings as well. Even a little bit through the bottom, there is a gap here on the bottom as well, so air travels all around the unit and past the pre-filter, then past activated carbon filter before meeting with
the true HEPA filter. Then up and out through the top of the unit, there’s an outlet up top here behind the control panel; clean air exits out through the top.


This unit features four fan speeds: low, medium-high and turbo. The unit outputs at about 250 cfm, which for a $150 machine is particularly high output. This unit outputs at about 250 cfm, meaning that it takes in 250 cubic feet of air every minute. It can process that amount of air every minute at a rate of up to 250 cfm and can be used in rooms up to about 300 square feet.


You need a quality air filter and good airflow to improve indoor air quality. This unit offers both with its washable pre-filter while the powerful output will clean your polluted home.

winix 5500-2 prime day


The pre-filter catches things like dust, and fibres with large particles which can saturate the true HEPA filter. The pre-filter needs to be washed when it becomes saturated as otherwise it will give the air a dusty smell.

With this unit, it has a washable pre-filter which can saturate over time. So that at the point when you need to replace it all you have to do is take out the old pre-filter and replace with a new one.

winix 5500-2 cyber monday

Why pick Winix 5500-2 on Black Friday?

You can vacuum it, rinse it, and clean the filter system. The unit will still work efficiently once you put an updated filter in place of the one you just cleaned. This unit has to be replaced, too. This one also comes with a HEPA filter in the world of air purifiers.

The gold standard for particle filtration, a HEPA filter is capable of filtering allergens, dust and mould spores. This unit comes equipped with one of these filters too.

Final Verdict

This Winix does not have as good of a quality trap as other models. We also think that this air purifier is less energy efficient than others. This air purifier has a cfm 2-watt ratio of 5 to 1 on the highest setting and 10 to 1 on lower settings.

For comparison, most of their units on the market tend to hover around 2-3 cfm per watt of power draw on higher settings and about 2-3 cfm per watt on lower settings. So you are getting a much better cfm:power draw ratio with this winix unit than you get with most other air purifiers on the market

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