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Waterpik Sonic Fusion Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021

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Waterpik Sonic Fusion Black Friday Deals 2021

This new product combines an electric toothbrush with a water flosser to provide sonic fusion.

waterpik sonic fusion black friday


I ve been testing it for a while and I m here to give you my opinions on it so overall let s get to the point this isn t really that good.

You may not realize this, but the manual brushing only cleans 40% of your tooth surfaces. When you floss, that percentage goes up to 50%.

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Waterpik’s water flossers are a modern way to clean up between teeth and the American Dental Association has approved them. The toothbrush is not bad either, but when you combine both of them the results are much better.

This device only provides water from the brush head, which some flossers will find as irritating.


Waterpik has two models of the Sonic fusion toothbrush. The SF-0 is a cheaper model with an additional brush head in the box and a smaller reservoir while the SF-2 includes ultimate features from its higher end brother with an even larger reservoir that also happens to be slightly slimmer than the sf 0 1

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The water flosser itself has a dedicated handle. Using the toothbrush handle gives you more options.

waterpik sonic fusion black friday deals

Why pick Waterpik Sonic Fusion on Black Friday ?

The toothbrush is often a separate device and can be used for water flossing. In most cases, the brush head does not move without additional attachments in place.

People combine them to use the brushing action with the force of water pressure from one end of their mouth to make cleaning easier. The brush itself isn’t too bad as

Final Verdict

The battery life of 2 weeks plus 7 days is pretty bad in my opinion. It feels okay and it’s not cheap, but it doesn’t feel as premium as some electric toothbrushes that have more rubber grips. It’s quite smartly designed on the actual brush handle, though. The brush heads are detachable when you’ve got the brush

I was surprised at how much noise this toothbrush made while it excited your teeth.

The water flosser is not a necessity at first glance, but it helps you get the job done in less time. Depending on your pressure settings, you can irrigate with water anywhere between about 85 and 210 seconds of usage.

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