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Vizio M8 Series Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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This article provides you with a guide to the Vizio M8 Series.

Vizio M8 Series Black Friday Deals 2021

The VIZIO M8 Series Quantum Display’s remote control is an upgrade over that of the MAXX and the P6 series Quantum displays.

vizio m series black friday


There are three models with an 8 on the series: M8, C8, and P8. The model is different because of its differences in cost and capabilities.

The M8 series is the best model of the Vizio Quantum line available. This set goes for around $650 and I want to point out before we get into test patterns and real world viewing that, for this video, we’re shooting with TV in calibrated dark mode exclusively for HDR10 content. We’ve got backlight at 37% but didn


I’m not using the calibrated setting for a lot of the review because there are so many different picture presets. If you’ve just pulled this TV out of the box, I would recommend using calibrated or even dark.


Our usual test pattern run and I’m going to go through these quickly, because everything maps out really well in SDR. Our one thing I wanted to point at is a lack of dirty screen effect on this particular unit – it’s actually pretty good tracking, really well with the tone mapping there. Everything is to be expected so far; I

Vizio’s new M-series televisions offer a more natural, or tone-mapped, HDR experience than TCL’s P-Series when it comes to graphic differentiation and subtleties.

vizio m series black friday deals

Why pick Vizio M8 Series on Black Friday?

Across the board, this TV appears to have a slight magenta hue. This looks fairly hot when viewing video content, and is more noticeable when you see it in real life. I noticed other things during my final assessment that lead me to believe that black levels are good on this TV as well.

Final Verdict

This TV offers a lot of quality for the price, specifically in color and contrast.

Watching the screen, you cannot make out many details. However, it was able to punch through darker parts of the picture and provided some background detail when we looked at brighter areas.

The first chapter introduces Vizio’s newest TVs, the M-Series.
This page is an overview of how to get started with your M8 Series Smart TV
To set up and establish a connection using Wi-Fi, you should visit this page
If you fail to connect or your network is unreliable, there are also Ethernet

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