Vitamix 750 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

vitamix 750 review
vitamix 750 review
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This article will provide you with information about Vitamix 750 deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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Vitamix 750 Black Friday Deals 2021

Vitamix has come out with their latest Pro 750 in Pearl Grey. I can only imagine they were discontinuing the Brushed Stainless due to manufacturing and found this while looking for a new color. Either way, it’s here now so we can’t complain too much. I really don t know, and it doesn t matter. This is our choice for an in-between step between the black and red.

Vitamix 750 black friday


The good news is it looks great. The plastic exterior resembles those in black and red, but it appears stylish and elegant. It doesn’t look cheap or pop off easily, like no pun intended with a nice finish. As with most colours, its appearance can vary greatly depending on the light. Below are some comparisons of how it looks in different lighting conditions:

You can see how in this Pearl Gray color it doesn’t have that yellow or gold coloration, but it’s more grey.

vitamix professional series 750 cyber monday

This is the A3500, but the Copper Metal finish from the pro 750 will look very different. It’s noticeably more of a dark-gold versus silver. I will say that both the Pro Gray and then the Brushed Stainless finishes on the A3500 are quite nice.


The Vitamix professional series 750 is the most fully featured Vitamix available. It provides four preset modes which have all been specially designed with time and speed in mind. You can create your recipe with just a turn of a dial, and everything from thick smoothies to frozen desserts hot soups purees are possible. We have variable speed control with the dial, and pulses are available as well.

The 64-ounce container is BPA free and has been designed to fit under most cabinets. It is also one of the quieter Vitamix models on the market when it’s running.

Vitamix 750 black friday deals

Frozen Food

To make our smoothie bowl, we used a handful of kale, two oranges that needed to be eaten, a frozen banana peel and some pineapple. And those taste best when extensively blended.

Why pick Vitamix 750 on Black Friday?

To make a thicker and icier smoothie, we ll use frozen mango to our recipe. Additionally, this time we ll take extra effort in pushing down on the contents with a tamper to blend them properly. After 30 seconds of blending, pour the contents into bowls.


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