Tile Mate Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

tile mate review
tile mate review
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Are you looking for tile Mate deals on Black Friday 2020? Check out this complete guide to find the best offers.

Tile Mate Black Friday Deals 2021

The tile mate bluetooth tracker is an innovative way to keep track of your keys.

TILE MATE Black Friday


I m one of those people who misplaces their keys quite often. I really lose them and sometimes, if I m in a rush, I wind up being late because I can t find my keys. The last time that happened was the straw that broke the camel’s back – when it happened again, I wasn’t going to let it happen


This version of tile is different from previous versions. Unlike old versions you can put a battery in this bad boy alright I’m going to have a little closeup of all this you can put a battery in it so let’s get into it and show you how it works okay. You want to go in your app store android or ios and then

You need to turn on your bluetooth, place the Tile mate near where you keep your keys, and then check if it works by pressing the molding.
Let’s see if this secret weapon can help me find my stuff- I’ll go through a couple of tests backstage at home and let you know how it


I am going to put the tile mate back into it so that it is in there real good. All right, let’s see how this surfboard works over here. Here’s my phone and we’re gonna go to the towel app by clicking on those keys on there and then find your app on there (to left) and then click on fine

TILE MATE Black Friday deals

Why pick Tile Mate on Black Friday?

I see that it sounds nice so you can actually hear it alright so let’s go to and then pull it out and you found your keys all right let’s try something else okay, you see right there, you can click on that eye and reverse it, find your phone. Let’s take our phone. And put the stuff

Final Verdict

Tonight we’re going to take the Tile Mate with us downtown and see how it works.

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