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Ticwatch E Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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For those looking to find the best Ticwatch E Cyber Monday deals, this guide will give you some tips on where to shop.


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Ticwatch E Black Friday Deals 2021

One of the major selling points for this watch is its battery life. I’ve found it has lasted 24-30 hours which has been excellent considering this was my longest day and previous to then the longest had only been 11 hours.

Ticwatch E black friday


The Ticwatch E’s battery lasts up to a day when fully charged and recharges in 40 minutes.

The always-on display in this watch is something that both it and the Apple Watch didn’t offer until later, which means you don’t have to touch your bracelet at all if there’s a charge lost. I leave my watch like this for the whole day after plugging it in so know I’ve already charged it. The screen goes into always-on mode, displaying the watch face and changing colors based on your preferences. A long press brings up settings where you can change to a different theme or download more from the store. Check out the Ticwatch Pro Black Friday deals.


The watch does come with the capability of downloading stuff from the internet, meaning you can go to the google play store and as long as you have a stable connection, there will be an almost immediate response. This is reminiscent of my old Ticwatch – so quick! So here is where you can go to find apps that connect your watch to a Wi-Fi network and get internet on it from the phone. There are many different kinds of apps, both free and paid, that you can download on your smartwatch.

I downloaded a lot of things on my Ticwatch. Youtube lets you watch this because it’s the full version. Facebook also, and do not forget lol The ticwatch e has both a full Google experience and all of the functions of other smart watches on the market.


You have all the other fitness features that are also related to Google services; you get apps like google fit. There are all the built-in fitness-tracking apps for smartwatches, so now let’s talk performance. The procedure usually changes when you buy a new watch, but not in my case. I don’t know if it is because I always update the software on this smartwatch.

Ticwatch E black friday deals

Why pick Ticwatch E on Black Friday?

The interface on this watch changes quite often, which is something I’ve never seen before. For example, the swipe-up gesture may be used to change songs while audio is playing and last time I bought the watch it didn’t have that function available. Due to its high-quality performance, the ticwatch e’s external storage is like eight gigs. It also has one gig of RAM for data transfer that is good, which means it can connect to your phone with no problem.

The connectivity can be weak; it doesn t always connect. That said, I haven t had any problems in most circumstances, and it s unlikely that you will too. Let s talk about durability now–as you can see from the scratches on my watch, mine has gone through a lot! But this watch survived one crazy accident, so it’s water-resistant.

Final Verdict

It’s fair to say I have put this watch through its paces at times, but there is one thing I don’t recommend: taking it on a steam room.

I plugged this watch in for 3 days, and it still didn’t work. I tried charging it–the battery would charge but the watch wouldn’t turn on. Whenever I boot up the screen, there’s a bunch of colorful squares that keep rotating around; so I left it off for 3 weeks. I like I forgot about my smartwatch and it sat in a drawer for three weeks. When I turned it back on, the whole system had to be reset because of how long it was off before. After restarting the watch, it began operating normally again.

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