TCL Alto 7 Black Friday Deals & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Would you like to know the best TCL Alto 7 Black Friday Deals 2021? Explore our complete guide for TCL Alto 7 Cyber Monday deals and sales.

TCL Alto 7 Black Friday Deals 2021

Measuring 2.5 by 36 point o by 3 point 9 inches the black plastic alto 7 plus is on the smaller side with a forward facing grill covering dual 1.5 inch tweeters and dual 2.0 by 4.5 inch mid-range drivers a tcl logo is situated in the middle of the grille above where

TCL Alto 7 Black Friday


The Alo Evolution 7 Plus contains a bluetooth connection, LED lights that identify the sound source, and volume controls. The top of the sound bar has an LED array that shows what color signals nearby devices are emitting so travelers know what type of signal they’re receiving.


The included power cable measures roughly 0.7 by 6.0 by 1.5 inches, and the remote has a volume control for the subwoofer which is a bummer in movie mode when we watched Blade Runner 2049’s crash scene where Ryan Gosling falls from the sky with something that looks like a military grade flying Lamborghini into

Why pick TCL Alto 7 on Black Friday?

This speaker offers thunder with its robust base, crisp treble edge for detailed clarity and round sound when comparing dialogue quickly to home theater setups
I can vouch personally that the alto 7 PLUS doesn’t get as loud as many other sound bars we’ve tested but at top volumes it still delivers lots of power and good depth. Regular bass-laden

TCL Alto 7 Black Friday Deals

Final Verdict

The Alto 7 Plus delivers more power than other comparable phone speakers. The bass is loud and clear at every level, with no distortion in the midrange or highs.

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