TCL 6 Series Black Friday Sale 2021

tcl 6 series review
tcl 6 series review
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TCL 6 Series Memorial Day Sale 2021

We ll examine the design and inputs of TCL 6 series TV. Then we will take a look at its picture quality aspects to provide our review.

TCL 6 Series Memorial Day

Next, we will investigate the motion handling, input lag, and sound and finish by comparing to other competing models on the market.

The Design

The design of the TCL TV is attractive and makes it easy to place in any living room. The TV is made mostly from plastic, with a metal frame holding the display. It has a glossy back that appears to be glass, giving the television an expensive feel.

With a plastic case, it is not surprising that the TV has limited construction quality.

The Inputs

The inputs are all found in the side of the TV, and there are four in total. They’re both HDMI 2.0 ports, not HDMI 2.1, but this is to be expected since it’s part of TCL’s budget line-up. The TCL 6 series has a variety of features, including an HDMI port, two USB ports, a digital audio out option and one composite in.

The TV supports both ARC and eARC so you can send Dolby Atmos or DTS through a HDMI connection.

Response Time

The screen on this TV has a good response time, making it ideal for people who watch sports or video games.

TCL 6 Series Black Friday

Refresh Rate

TCL displays have a 60Hz refresh rate, which is too low for some people who are sensitive to flicker.

The Input Lag

Low input lag means you will see the results of your action is faster, resulting in a more responsive experience. When it comes to input lag, the TCL 6 Series lacks a bit of response time compared to its predecessor.

The Smart Features

The TCL has a Roku TV built-in, which is quite user-friendly and runs smoothly. The remote is small and basic with a simple set of buttons that gets you around the menu without any issue. The TV has shortcut buttons to popular streaming services but we found the voice control to be unreliable.

This document is divided into the following chapters.


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