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SUUNTO Memorial Day Sale, Save Military Watches 2021

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If you are looking for SUUNTO Memorial Day Sale 2021, you may want to read this article about the new sales on all of the SUUNTO Core, GPS, Traverse Alpha, Ambit3, and HR Monitors!

Sports enthusiasts and hikers alike will love this new watch from Suunto, the Finnish company with over 80 years of experience. It’s a perfect balance between sports performance and everyday functionality. A GPS barometer, wrist heart rate sensor and easy-to-use maps makes the Suunto 7 a smart choice for cyclists, trekkers or just casual athletes.

suunto memorial day sale

The Suunto app utilises the latest technology to provide you with training insights or connect you to leading sports apps for the ultimate in training. Download your favourite songs, combine your headphones with your phone and listen wirelessly from virtually anywhere on your wrist. Suunto’s battery lasts for a full day of constant use and still has power left for your workout.

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Suunto Memorial Day Sale

Alternatively, the battery lasts up to 48 hours in smartwatch use or 12 hours in GPS tracking mode. Extend watch functionality with your favorite apps on Google Play and change the look of your watch with interchangeable straps and interactive watch faces. Wi-fi connectivity is included for automatic updates while on-the-go And this is why your Suunto 7 is always up to date with all that has been designed in Finland, made from a quality and tested by the company.

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