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Sony X800H Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Sony X800H Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday sales? This article will give you a complete guide for the new deals on Sony X800H.

Sony X800H Black Friday Deals 2021

We ll take a closer look at Sony s X800H series, the second 4k monitor in their lineup this year, and see why it provides great performance for every day use yet still offers reasonable pricing.

-The inputs text is confusing because when you are talking about one model being “the second up” you don’t need to provide You can see the savings in this TV in that the bezel is on a thicker side when compared to other TVs. The bezel is made out of plastic instead of metal, but it still looks decent. It has the same kind of brushed metallic look as the 950 H; just not quite as polished or sleek and attractive. View Vizio M8 Series Black Friday Deals

Sony X800H Black Friday

They look more bulky and unfortunately like most other TVS, they are about two feet apart on the 55-inch set we have here. There is a difference in the type of screen depending on which size you re looking at when it comes to an 800 H Sony TV. If you re considering one that s 55-inches, for instance, and want to know what your options are here�the direct-lit technology is included with this larger model. the sony x800h deals are cheap for a reason. they’re not amazing TVs with the latest features, but rather low-cost versions of the best ones you can buy.


Ample inputs and a lack of sound are this TV’s biggest drawbacks.


The Sony 900H features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the latter of which enables you to stream content through your television.
Sony 900H also is fitted with an integrated HDMI ARC for audio, as well as video input lag reduction mode that games enthusiasts will appreciate. Sony X800H deals can get you times under 10 milliseconds.

Sony X800H Black Friday deals


That being said, without variable refresh rate or Auto low latency mode, it certainly isn’t going to contend for the best gaming TV of the year at the end of it all. But for its price point, it is a very nice television. I saw no light bleed in the corner of the screen and it was dimmer than a non-local dimming display.

Why pick Sony x800h on Black Friday?

The Sony X800H is definitely more prominent when you re watching in a dark room. I think most people will really enjoy the 800 H, it was easy to pick up details in the shadows and brights were very good.

I mostly kept the picture setting on standard, but I was happy with it. In addition, there are options for Dolby Vision movies and a dark mode where they apply which looked great. There is no Netflix option available though; this should be noted I prefer to turn off any extra motion processing, and this one gives the option for customization if you choose to use it.

Final Verdict

There is no autotune mode, so you need to adjust it manually. I thought the operating system was Android, but it turns out that’s actually Android P which has Apple AirPlay and Homekit built in. The interface runs really smoothly without any delays between pressing a button on the remote and screen reacting.

The Sony X800X display is great for gamers who want a TV with low input lag rates or people that enjoy watching bright TVs.


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