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Sony X800H 4K Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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If you’re looking for Sony X800H 4K Black Friday Deals 2021, come back to this article, we bring all of the latest Sony X800H 4K Cyber Monday deals and really great discounted offers.

Sony X800H 4K LED Black Friday Deals 2021

The x800h series from sony which is the second model up in their 4k lineup this year and offers some great performance at a reasonable price point. The design speaks for itself—this is where Sony saves on costs by sacrificing the bezel size, making it thicker than many competitors but much smaller than others. Samsung CRG9 Deals

Sony X800H 4K Black Friday


This TV is plastic instead of metal, but still has the same “metallic” look. Its pedestal feet are bulkier than expected and it does not have local dimming in its 55-inch model.


The 49 and smaller 55 inch and larger have x balanced power supply speakers built in, as opposed to the 950 h which has a traditional speaker system. Sound becomes hollow towards the higher end of volume, especially with anything related to Hollywood soundtracks. This is seen in contrast to our 950 h test unit that had surprisingly good sounding speakers for its


Screen and sound quality on this TV is great, but it does have an input lag time similar to what you find with most TVs.

Sony X800H 4K Black Friday Deals

Why pick Sony X800H 4K LED on Black Friday?

The input lag time, combined with the noticeably dimmer than usual blacks, made for a less than enjoyable picture.

I’ve always found the picture to be great, and this year was no exception. There are some lighting settings for Netflix content that aren’t applicable on the 800 H including a ‘Hall of Light’ setting. I liked it, but I know not everyone likes to tweak their home entertainment experience as heavily as possible so keep in mind that’s something you

Final Verdict

Sony’s 4k UHD TVs use an OLED panel, which means that color reproduction is accurately displayed with incredibly deep blacks and accurate whites. One of the most impressive features of this TV is its operating system: it runs on Android OS P, has Apple AirPlay and Homekit built in, and even offers a fast app search feature!

The X800H is a good TV for gamers and rooms that receive lots of light.

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