Sony RX100 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Sony RX100? This article will give a complete guide to the best deals on Sony RX100 Cyber Monday and Columbus Day.

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Sony RX100 Black Friday Deals 2021

While Sony introduced the RX100 series back in 2012, the first generation camera has not been popular over time. Below, I re-review the Sony RX100 model of cameras that have been around for a few years but are still dominating the market.

Sony RX100 black friday


The Sony RX100’s mostly aluminum body leaves a great impression and provides fantastic portability. The lack of an ergonomic grip is the trade-off for this model’s size though.

It is not the most comfortable experience to use this device with one hand, because it weighs 240g and its size is such that it’s easy for your hands to slip. On the other hand, people typically get used to a lack of comfort quickly. I wasn’t blown away by the picture quality of Sony’s HX60, so I’m interested to see how good the RX100 is.

The last time I ve tested the other Sony compact camera HX60, I wasn t blown away by its picture quality. Check out Nikon D5300 Black Friday Deals .

Image Quality

It’s not much better than what your cellphone camera can do, but RX100 does have a bigger 1 inch sensor.

The Sony RX100 shows good performance in terms of image quality. This could be a great camera for vacationing with if you plan to use your phone less.

I am pretty happy with its performance. For example, I would see myself taking it for a vacation to take pictures instead of using the smartphone all the time

I have always had a lot of sympathy for those 1-inch sensor cameras. I tried the first Sony RX10 a couple of years ago and thought they offered an excellent compromise, but finally I can say that The RX100 is better than a smartphone camera in at least one way—changeable lenses

In-depth Photography

One more thing that I really liked about this camera is the quality of the images. The high-quality sensor captures a significant number of details in every photo and provides rich color, depth, and plasticity found in cameras with larger sensors. I was astounded by how well the camera handled certain difficult shooting conditions, such as when I was taking landscape photographs on a cloudy day.


Don’t expect super-fast HDR results like you get from a newer smartphone camera. The optics are pretty good, with the exception of not focusing consistently. Zeiss is normally known for producing smoothly focused lenses, but the RX100’s lens lacks that signature consistency. The camera tends to be a bit soft when using f./1.8 or similarly wide apertures, and so the exposure can sometimes behave poorly when used with those lenses.

The low-light shooting is generally more accessible because of the camera’s bright lens, and the performance across the ISO range also seems pretty respectable.

Sony RX100 black friday deals

Why pick Sony RX100 on Black Friday?

Noise reduction algorithms can occasionally produce a noticeable artifact, but it is very effective despite its disadvantages. In contrast to later RX100 models, the autofocus only utilizes contrast detection-based methods. When I used this camera in testing, there were no problems with the focus whatsoever. Though it is quick and reliable when it comes to still shots, I cannot say the same for videos.

While this camera has limitations when it comes to video, it still offers users a number of options to customize the resulting footage. I do not recommend this camera for video recording. The images are fuzzy and lack detail.

Final Verdict

LCD is fixed, which was changed in the RX100 Mark II. However, as a first generation device it is lighter than its successor and has better video conversion quality. Be prepared to buy plenty of extra batteries for the years you are powering the camera; this model does not have an efficient power consumption system. And, like last year’s model, there’s the pop-up EVF. I love this feature so much; thank you Sony for including it again.

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