Sony A7 III Black Friday Sale 2021

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Looking for Sony A7iii Black Friday Deals 2020? Read this in-depth review of the camera features before jumping to buy.

Sony A7 III Memorial Day Sale 2021

The Sony a7 iii was the first camera to offer full-frame videography at an amazing price. It features that nobody else was doing, just to show you how great this is; Canon and Nikon have come out with two different cameras in order to compete with this.

Sony A7iii Memorial Day


Sony paid particular attention to the a7iii’s sensor, which boasts 24 million pixels. It offers both great dynamic range and low-light performance, two areas where Sony has always excelled


This camera was the first big upgrade of their new color space, then it was updated shortly after. The updates each time improved the photos slightly.

Many photographers are able to achieve even better results once they process their photos, but some people enjoy having raw images without any post-processing.


In our field test of this camera, we found that it offers performance for face and eye-tracking, as well as one of the best autofocus capabilities on the market. And when testing side to side against 93 percent of frames recorded in a screen grab, we found no difference between its photo quality and those shot by competitors.

Eye Auto-Tracking

It is better for eye auto-tracking as well as the ability to auto focus on a lot more pets like dogs and cats; however, there are many other cameras that have followed suit in this technology. I still think that the A7 III holds its own in every area, even with these advancements.

Sony A7ii Black Friday

LCD Screen

The Sony A7 III has a better LCD screen than the A7R II I had in 2016, which is something Sony fixed on the newer releases.

Video Quality

Putting together this video took forever because most of the footage was 4K and I re-shot a lot to be 1080p.

Even though I export the video into 1080p, because of time restrictions, many of the videos- including 120p ones were at 1080. So I kind of to do it in 1080.
Anyways, it takes a lot longer.

Table of Contents * Introduction * Features and Specifications.

Introduction The Sony a7iii comes loaded with features to make the photographer’s job easier: full frame sensor, 24.2MP imager and Exmor R CMOS image processor, 425 phase-detect points on the diagonal sweep area AF coverage for

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