Sony a5100 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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This article will give you a complete guide on Sony a5100 Black Friday Deals 2021.

Sony a5100 Mirrorless Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

Should I buy this year’s Sony “A” series, or should I be looking at next year’s release? If you’re looking for an entry-level budget, but still want the 4k video quality from a mirrorless camera, then the sony a5100 is worth considering.

Sony a5100 black friday

The Sony Alpha A5100 is marketed as an entry-level photography and video camera. It’s capable of 1080p video at 60 frames per second, and has a 24.3MP sensor with 25mm wide angle lens that offers clear shooting in competitive lighting conditions. This camera is great for 1080p at 60 frames per second, but if you’re looking to shoot in 4K, this cam may not be what you want.


Using a monitor or viewfinder is one of the most convenient features for shooting video with your camera- you can always monitor what you’re recording while filming, to make sure that it’s in focus and that everything is in frame. I find the size factor of this camera to be a huge plus point-there are plenty of small cameras Sony’s A5100 has a more compact profile than other cameras with interchangeable lenses. With it, you can always keep in your pocket or bag and store in its own tight case. Sony A5100 mirrorless camera deals

It also features an extensive zoom trigger built-in next to the shutter button that may not be great for everyone, but is useful if you’re using a power zoom lens such as the kit lens. This means you can zoom in and out very quickly without having to put your hand on the lens barrel. This is because the camera has a face detection feature that constantly tracks your face, and this pairs well with eye-autofocus.


I am unsure as to why this camera was designed without a viewfinder. Its size is minimal, but I needed one when switching from shooting video to taking pictures and vice versa. There’s only this one-button question mark, which I would advise for reprogramming. This means that if you desire to sell a bunch of custom features in the camera, it might be a bit limited.

Sony a5100 Black Friday deals


There is no shoot mode wheel on the top of the camera again, which does make it easy to save space and avoid cluttering your grips. However, when you want to quickly change shooting modes you must go into the menu instead of clicking a wheel. This camera does not have a microphone input, so you need to be able to provide audio from either the built-in mics or an external recorder.

I find that the built-in camera mic is quite adequate for recording indoor environments where there’s little background noise to contend with. It may frustrate you that the built-in microphone does not pick up enough sound, and because it will be difficult to hear your voice over other noise. Though this camera lacks picture profiles, it is expected for most cameras in this price range.

In this review, we ll explore the pros and cons of Sony’s a 5100.



Why pick Sony a5100 on Black Friday?

The Sony a5100 can overheat and shut down after extended use.

This camera usually shuts down after recording for about 25 minutes, but you might consider it nonetheless since many people also have issues where the camera will stop working much earlier than this. I’ve taken videos with the Sony a5100, and I found it to be an outstanding budget camera if you’re just getting started with video production and photography.

Final Verdict

The Sony a5100 mirrorless camera is perfect for vlogging and beginner photographers. It has an interchangeable lens system as well as a flip-up screen that makes it easy to use for all types of photography. The 16-250 kit lens is a great starter lens to go with if you re looking for an excellent b-roll camera. The size also makes it incredibly portable, which means it s perfect for when you re on the move or shooting on location. It is my opinion that the best choice for a camera to buy in 2020 will be either the Sony a 5100 or Sony A6000. Both of these cameras have superb reviews and offer outstanding value for money, for what you get as an entry-level DSLR.

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