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Sonos Beam Columbus Day Deals & Sales 2021

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Looking for the best Sonos Beam Prime Day deals? You have come to the right place!

Sonos Beam Columbus Day Deals 2021

Today we are looking at the Sonos Beam. It has a fabric grill, touch-sensitive buttons for play and pause and mute. The audio is really good. The only thing I don’t like is this recessed surface that’s supposed to be our bar top, but it doesn’t seem like it will work very well as that because of how


The port at the back is where you connect power cables. There’s an Ethernet and HDMI input, so it only has one HDMI port, but my TV doesn’t support that kind of input. I can’t use the supplied HDMI cable that comes with my sonos beam prime day and want to know if there is another HDMI cable I can buy.

Voice Control

You need to use this HDMI to optical cable adapter and a HDMI-to-optical converter, such as the one we provide, so that you can connect an old TV or other set top box with an optical out port to the Sonos Beam soundbar using a 3.5 mm stereo audio cable.

Yes, there are certain limitations you should be aware of.
The sonos beam will work with your TV as long as it supports HDMI AARC and has an available HDMI port, but the voice control features only work if your TV is connected to the sonos beam using its HDMI.

Streaming Music

The Sonos Beam offers excellent sound quality, simple control and outdoor speaker capabilities.

sonos beam prime day deal

If you use a music service like Spotify or Amazon Music, or Pandora, you can stream your favorite content wirelessly on Sonos.

Sonos App

There are many reasons people enjoy owning a Sonos Beam, but the best feature is how clean it makes listening to music.

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