Smittybilt X2O Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Searching for Smittybilt X2O Black Friday Deals
? This article provides an overview of the available discounts and new sales for Smittybilt’s Cyber Monday sale.

Smittybilt X2O Black Friday Deals 2021

Today I m installing a Smittybilt water-resistant, synthetic rope winch onto the underside of my metal off-road bumper that fits on my 2018 Tacoma. Let s get started. So I m not sure what order I’m going to release these videos in, but since you’re watching this one first, let me just document the process before This box is for the X20 waterproof winch. I chose synthetic rope, which weighs 30 pounds less than metal. I decided to purchase the Smittybilt X2O comp, and I wasn’t disappointed. This brand is lightweight and long-lasting while still providing excellent quality.

When I opened the box, this is a wireless control. It has some features such as wireless capabilities and it can go in and out. The capacity of the winch is more than enough to carry my truck which holds 10,000 pounds. We have the winch module with ropes and hardware, shown in a second. The bumper we bought attaches to the bottom of the truck so that it covers our winch. I hold up the front, you attach this end near where the winch is right now. It plugs into your truck’s wiring harness to let the vehicle know when it is a good time

Smittybilt X2O Black Friday


It comes with a little plug right here for the wired control, and it also features the wireless capability. Water out. However, I took off these two silver brackets from the bottom because they are only used when mounting this over the top of all the rope. What I want to do is mount it on one side so that it stays clear from everything Fitting underneath my Toyota Tacoma, I can’t decide which spot will fit. There is one guy who installed his module over here on the side, so I’m going to follow his example and hopefully not run into any problems. I’m adding two brackets to the base and then I can just attach the water pump with these screws. It’s simple wiring- just connect it, clip in on both ends, and plug it in. I mean, everything has it’s own unique lettering. So this line is an A and it goes to the A port. There are also instructions next to the side here.

The rubber boots go over the wires, and then down each connection. The 2 thin wires go to the A port which is negative, as well as power for your battery terminal. To wire the remote battery kit, use both cables: one red, one black. Plug in the red cable to the positive terminal of your battery and plug in the black cable on either side of it. It ll lock the comp in place from behind with the supplied nuts and washers. Basically, this just has a curved edge around it so that rope doesn t fray on any sharp edges inside of tough metal. The light bar is also in place.


This video demonstrates how to install the all-metal, rock ‘n’ roll style light bar onto your vehicle’s bumper. And once I get it all tightened in, it should be in the right spot. It lines up with the hole pretty well, so no complaints. So, conveniently, when trying to install the winch, there s a little slot down here at the bottom that we can just slip some of these square nuts into. The watertight seal is created also through the use of a rubber gasket and bolt. The sealing bolts are set in each corner, with a washer between them and the nut.
## The winch is now secure. It attaches to the trailer with this Allen bolt on the side.


This is a diagram of the spool wire. Since I don t have power to the winch yet, I ll just spool it up by hand and then put tension on it later.

since I… The winch is installed and all wiring hooked up. The power wire is connected to the battery, while the ground goes back to the metal bumper.

Smittybilt X2O Black Friday deals

The control box is on the left and the winch is in the center. There’s a metal bar that keeps it from being placed in front of the radiator. The positive and negative cables are running down in front of where we should put them. I’ll probably just zip tie this up later.

Why pick Smittybilt X2O on Black Friday?

We routed these cables around the back. One cable is plugged into the positive connection on the left side of my truck, and I have one more running along its negative side. My truck is off now, but when you use a winch repeatedly, it can drain your battery. The winch will run for about 30 seconds before shutting off. The flow of electricity to your battery from the alternator is not sufficient to keep up with demand, given that you are running the winch. When winching you should go slow and steady to avoid wear. Don’t allow the motor in your winch to stay on for more than 30 seconds at a time, or you will overheat it. Avoid using periodic bumping and then waiting 30 seconds or more before driving forward.

Final Verdict

You can wear out the contacts in your winch box faster than normal when pulling on a rope. And what happens if we were to press the grapple button until the cable is flush with the chrome guard? That means our load will be higher than usual so winches should work just fine for that. While driving, you will come across guardrails. When you are close to them and they move the slightest bit without warning, your thumb can get smashed in the door frame – a terrible way to die! This additional danger is just one example that makes driving considerably more challenging than walking or riding a bike. Brian is happy to provide any information you need.

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