Shure Microphone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Looking for Shure SM7B Black Friday deals? See our guide from the best in this category, with reviews of typically available discounts.

The Shure SM7B is a microphone with an impedance of 55 Ohms.

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Shure SM7B Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021

The Shure sm7b is an amazing broadcast microphone that I would highly recommend if you are interested. It has a metal all-metal construction and a nice weight to it. With the Shure SM7b, you can either attach a connector or use an in-built mounting system. The receiver has switches for low-cut filter and a mid boost.

Shure SM7B Black Friday


One of the things people ask about in shock mounts is if one would work with this mic. In theory, you could get a mount that converts from XLR to 3/8th inch and use it with this microphone without issue.


I have been speaking into the microphone on flat mode, as it has a cardioid polar pattern and is quite sensitive.

Sound Quality

Now play with the switches and show you how you can change the sound. I’m speaking into the microphone with a low-cut field, and this is how the audio sounds soon; I switched on the mid boost, which is how the sound will look with those extra mids in the mix. The low-cut and mid-boost switches are enabled, which is the sound you would get out of the microphone in this scenario.

I switched the microphone back to the flat position, which is my personal preference, and this is what it sounds like.
Once we add a giant pop filter on top of the mic, you can tell that it does decrease.


The shure sm7b has a higher frequency response, which is deliberate. This enables us to analyze the way that sound will be affected as it moves around the microphone and how effectively this mic rejects off-axis noise. I’m banging on my keyboard while typing.

Shure SM7B Black Friday Deals


Right up on the windscreen of the microphone to demonstrate what kind of proximity effects you can get out of this microphone and because this mic is so quiet, just like the majority of broadcast dynamics. I always recommend picking up a microphone activator such as the cloud lifter CL1 or flathead buffer. Since I have this one, the Flathead, for example, it allowed me to get a more low pitching vocal sound and made my recordings more pristine–no preamp noise is picked up in the back end!

Why pick Shure SM7B on Black Friday?

The Shure SM-7B microphone has a lot of great features. It’s the mic I use every day. With that said, it may not be for you. What can I say? I love this microphone, it’s my daily driver. I’ve used this on pretty much every podcast over the past three years, so as a pro, it sounds natural with accurate sound reproduction. The back switch allows you to adjust tone.

shure sm7b cyber monday

The Shure SM7B is a great choice if you are podcasting or in the broadcast industry. The Shure SM7B is relatively durable, but it can be pricey and is also susceptible to handling noise due to its design.

Final Verdict

I think this mic sounds great on electric guitar, but all of the rich highs get lost after being picked up by the microphone.
Still, you do get a great dynamic range for broadcasting without going through any significant levels of compression or distortion that would usually be present in a vocal style high-pass filter.

I mean that a lot of dynamic broadcast microphones provide you with one tone and they all sound overly boomy. But this microphone offers more than just that one option, it also has the ability to give you the radio voice if needed or pop vocals–pretty much any type of vocal mic you could need.

If you are looking for a microphone to improve your audio quality, then this mic will be a great addition to your setup- it has an amazing response that is perfect for nearly any recording. When I first heard about the Shure SM7B studio microphone, I knew that it was one of the things my home studio needed.


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