Shark Apex DuoClean AZ1002 Black Friday Deals 2021

shark apex duoclean review
shark apex duoclean review
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Do you need a Shark Apex Duoclean AZ1002 for Black Friday Deals 2020?

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Shark Apex Duoclean Black Friday Deals 2021

He sharks apex powered lift away I need a power boost. The power lift away means that this wand separates from the canister and you are able to vacuum under couches.

A year ago I purchased my shark apex duo clean with 0m technology and he it’s a great product. Shark has long been a popular brand for vacuums, so when the company released this model in 2000, it was quickly snatched up by consumers because they had already bought other Shark products.

shark apex duoclean black friday


There are two major changes in the design of this particular brush: the first is the rubber strip built into its rollers to keep hair from wrapping up too tightly, and the second part is a comb that brushes hair off after it’s been caught by the bristles. In my opinion, this vacuum cleaner does not work well at removing hair from carpet. It
seemed like particles were only being moved around the space as opposed to being removed. A major reason for me giving up on this device is because it felt too ineffective and unreliable in what it was designed to do. The OMC hair trap prevents the vacuum from wrapping strands around the brush roll.

shark apex duoclean az1002 black friday

When I was using the apex, the vacuum had difficulty picking up on carpeted areas like my usual Miele and Sibo combo. The groomer wasn’t as aggressive, and it simply didn’t look clean. When I went onto a bare floor, it did well though. After the month was over, my suspicions were confirmed. My Miele fjm bag is nearly three-quarters full and my gn bags are each barely half-full.


The clean duo system on this machine directs the nozzle’s airflow onto both sides of the floor, doubling the intensity of other single brush roll machines. Of course it’s your choice to believe me or not, but I wouldn’t use a shark apex duo clean vacuum cleaner on my carpets again.

shark apex duoclean black friday deals


I noticed the vacuum starting to strain after a month of use, so I thought it was time to change out the filters. Surely this wasn’t an ideal way for the cleaner to perform – which is odd because these are some high-end and expensive options that should be working wonders on my floors.
It turns out one of those

HEPA Cleaners

As you can tell from the footage of this shark, I have not made any effort to clean it up. At the same time, this machine has a HEPA filter because when you pull apart the sealed system to empty the dust cup. It automatically negates that as dust tends to get everywhere and since I wouldn’t recommend this for allergy

Final Verdict

The shark apex has a lot more attachments, but it still does not compare to the top brands. I prefer your opinions may be different, and that would keep me calm.

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