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Samsung CJ791 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Samsung CJ791 Black Friday Deals? We’ll guide you on how to find the best deals!

Samsung CJ791 Black Friday Deals 2021

I wanted to take a moment and dive into the Samsung CF791 review that I read.
It was really interesting because it s in front of you all day at work, so picking the right one is important! When it comes to gaming, productivity work, editing professionally or as a hobbyist, you need a good display. Why? Because I’m pretty sure that investing in something like this is worth more than any other electronic device. You stare at it all day long!

#so because I review monitors, and want the best one for games or editing. When I looked at the Samsung CJ791 with a 36″ Quantum Dot display, I already knew that curved monitors from other companies work for me. LG 38WK95C W Black Friday Deals

Samsung CJ791 Black Friday

I originally thought this monitor was just a creative but it has exceeded my expectations. It’s a 3449 inch screen, with 3440 by 1440 quality. That full-size of 21:9 offers the best movie experience for its users. The 4 millisecond response time gives you ultra-rapid responses to what’s happening on the screen. The native contrast ratio is 3000 by 1, which makes everything come alive with far more color and clarity from every angle.


The stand is tilt-adjustable, but not swivel. The built in speakers on this are surprisingly good. Much better than any other monitor I have owned before; including a Asus PG348Q that I previously used and LG monitors. The plastic back of this monitor is not a detriment to its design. I was surprised by how many people mistook it for metal, but the colors and lines on the back made it clear that it’s plastic. The lack of metal in the frame make it a lot lighter and less cumbersome to move. I pulled it out of the box, and all that was left to do was assemble it.


I have never seen a monitor like that before. So it has two HDMI inputs, one DisplayPort input, audio input and a headphone jack, as well as a USB 3.0 connectivity hub. The SRBG is rated at 125% which is insane! Now, with the quantum dot giving you a brighter backlight, I do have to say that the colors were a bit oversaturated. It’s important to calibrate your TV for accurate color reproduction but if you use a Spyder5 pro or some kind of digital calibration system then it shouldn’t be an issue. For those of us who use a Macbeth platform for creating and editing videos, we are well aware that accurate colors are necessary in order to create the best product. The basic color mode aligned nicely with my Spyder5 when I calibrated it, so nice work Samsung!

Samsung CJ791 cyber monday


It does have a Samsung magic upscale that is to say it will help if you need to resize an image, and the flicker-free technology should make viewing images and video on this monitor more comfortable.
Moreover, its color gamma of 83% makes for a less artificial looking color in photographs or videos – better than NTSC1976’s 65%. This stand is a little different when you want to mount this thing. It comes with an adapter that you put on and I think its an HAS adapter. When you put it on it gives you your visa mounts, so anybody who wants to wall mount this thing worry free, there ya go.

Why pick Samsung CJ791 on Black Friday ?

The immersive viewing you will get with the 34 curved ultrawide monitor is nothing like what you will experience than when it goes a little wider and curvier. This gives you a more of an immersive setting where you can just emerge in your gaming or movies. with its 21:9 wide screen you experience effortless multitasking on a single computer. it also comes with Samsung picture-in-picture. I hardly use that because maybe I should because I use Mac and PC and sometimes I go back and forth, but I just like having an integrated monitor for my Mac and then using this as

The Quantum Dot is basically this. You get a brighter background with less energy consumption so you are going to end up with a monitor that has better accurate colors and requires little-to-no color calibration but you guys got to be careful. Contrast ratio: 3000:1

Final Verdict

Having the bezel so thin can make this screen look good, but it also has a downside because some applications have misaligned graphics. Again, this stand is not one of my favorite features for this monitor but I can bypass that by using an adjustable arm. At 100FPS, I love gaming with this because it’s so smooth; even when used with desktop applications and editing videos. I’m really happy with the 144 hertz refresh rate on this monitor. Especially when I want to pinpoint a certain spot in the timeline.

Some video games, like Grand Theft Auto V, look better when played on a high quality monitor that displays in 4K (3840 x 2160) with a refresh rate of 144 Hz. Comparing this to the television I already have at home and my other monitors is very exciting because it felt much more fluid. Flicker frames and screen tearing can be an issue, but it is not a huge problem in this particular gaming monitor. It didn’t affect my gaming experience at all I could play Witcher 3 without any issues.


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