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Rode Microphone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Do you want to buy Rode Microphone Black Friday Deals 2021? Take a look at my complete guide for Rode Wireless Go, NT1A, NT2A, Videomic Pro, NT USB Plus Mic & Ring LED Light Kit or Videomicro NTG Mic and Prime Day new sales on Amazon.

Rode Wireless Go Everywhere Microphone

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Rode NT1A Microphone

Rode NT2-A

The Rode Videomic Pro

Rode NT USB Microphone

Rode Videomicro NTG

Rode Videomic Pro Plus

Rode Microphone Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021


This is a USB microphone and should work just by plugging it directly into your computer with no need for an audio interface. This one has been tested as working on Mac, PC, and iPad – so compatibility seems pretty high. It also comes with a pop shield – you get what you see in the pictures 🙂 Consider mic stands, mounts, carrying pouches, and warranty coverage from Shure.

Rode NT USB Black Friday

Quality Builds

The microphone is heavy and has a metal body with a metal grill. There are two dials on the side – one of which changes between different sound sources, the other being how much volume you can hear from it.


If you put the headphone up in front of your mouth, it will pick up sound from your voice as well. This can cause feedback issues when using a microphone because the mic input will also feed into the headphone output and create an echo. A simple fix for this situation is to simply turn OFF any audio playback on your computer so that only what comes

The dials on the side of the microphone are hard to use, and there is no microphone gain control. The pop shield is a cheap metal one, which feels flimsy.

Rode NT1A

I’ve used these microphones for a long time because they are just my favorite condenser mic. There’s the RODE NT1 and the NT1-A, and we have the NT1-A in the studio now–it’s set on zoom H6, so 40%.
Hey guys! Today I am using Zoom H6 to record The rode nt1-a is a lot of money for a microphone, but it does come with many accessories.

Rode NT1A Black Friday

What’s in the box?

The rode nt1-a mic comes with a detachable pop filter and 20-foot XLR cable, as well as the microphone. One thing that wasn’t mentioned was the included bit of protective gear for your mic.

Rode Videomic Pro vs. Rode Videomic Pro Plus

After using the Video Mic Pro for years, I am qualified to compare this mic with the Go-Mic.

rode videomic pro plus black friday


The differences between the Pro and Red models are striking. The physical build is quite different, for example. It’s a little longer than the VideoMic Pro and its suspension systems are also different, providing in my opinion a superior recording than the VideoMic Pro.


The suspension system is better. We have the latest, best in-class suspension system, which has almost no vibration even when you’re moving fast and shooting a documentary on top of it.

You will not have any vibration problems with the Pro Video Mic because it uses rubber bands. I found that over time the rubber bands break or easily pop off. Rode gives you extra replacements when you buy a video mic, and another thing I noticed about this mount setup is [the] particular design.

Final Words

If you do multi-camera shoots and are looking for a microphone to give you reference audio, then the Rode VideoMic would be your best option. The videos might come out great, of course, but if not then at least it can still leave room for improvement. I would recommend that you get as close to the subject as possible with this

That means using a mic stand like we did or some other method to get the microphone. So you can get it closer without being in the frame.

This paper will introduce you to the basics of microphones.

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