Ricoh GR III Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Ricoh GR III Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a guide on the best Cyber Monday deals on Ricoh GR III Point & Shoot Digital Cameras as well as information about upgrades.

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Ricoh GR III Black Friday Deals 2021

The compact metal construction is perfect for a camera designed to be used mainly in street photography. It not only comes with a USB charging cord, but also includes a wrist strap that I think is an adorable touch.

The Ricoh III is a monster of a camera, it has enough buttons and dials to satisfy most users. It also has touchscreen so you can access settings without touching the device. I find it most useful on photo-centric cameras with a tiltable display, but I also occasionally use it when shooting in snap mode.


I used to have the back button set as a push-to-focus mode, which allowed me to change the lens or focus distance without having to switch modes on my camera.
However, I found that touch function did just as well and was more convenient when shooting.

Ricoh gr iii Despite the improved resolution (30% higher than its predecessor), it was hard to see what I was photographing on the screen.


The camera s lens is an 18 mm F2.8 prime lens and has about a 28mm equivalent in full frame, which was another reason I fell in love with it. Some street photographers love the focal length because it captures events around them quickly.

Ricoh GR III deals

Cropping Option

It gives you a lot of cropping power again, which means you need to do it manually or in-camera by shooting JPEG or doing an in Camera Raw development. The camera has yet to get a lens profile in Lightroom, so if you are using Lightroom for your edits, you will need to update the camera metadata yourself

Transfer all files

The latter is also the way to go if you want to keep the built-in positive film profile, which I find very pleasurable. You can easily transfer the images to your phone RAW files included. The camera is jam-packed with features, and it’s one of the most customizable camera lines

Easy to use

So I realized that it’s an awesome feature of the gr iii that makes changing between modes quicker, and also among my favorite features is the highlight weighted metering mode.

It features an automatic exposure system, which you then can control the intensity of the preset’s exposure compensation. I love that feature, and I am so glad it has made its way into this model! Stay on the subject of customization many have asked me about my three setups and why they are different!

Ricoh GR III Cyber monday

High Sync & Speed

This camera has a mechanical leaf shutter that is very tranquil. This type of shutter makes it possible to use the flash at any speed, which is great because you can take just about any picture. However, it has removed the internal flash and they have a few deal-breakers.


Suppose you go by the opinions of people who have never even touched this camera. They say things like “the battery life is noticeably shorter than with other Ricoh models.” No question about that, but I’m sorry to say more of one.

I need a small trigger to use with my camera, so I bought the Ricoh GRIIIS from here. The triggering receivers are magnetic and rechargeable; sadly, they only work with flashes that have cables rather than wireless transmitters. If I want to use more than one moment, it is just as easy.

Final Words

The camera’s HD video is a nice addition, but it would be better if you had more manual control. The stabilization does wonders for still shots, but it doesn’t function well on video. When filming close-ups, richer colors are seen.

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