PureVPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

purevpn black friday and cyber monday deals
purevpn black friday and cyber monday deals
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Are you looking for PureVPN Black Friday deals? Here is the best purevpn black friday and cyber monday deals, sales and discount.

PureVPN Black Friday Deals 2021

Today we look at PureVPN, a company that was founded in 2007 and says it serves either three million or seven million people worldwide. Today we are going to walk through the installation and setup process on both desktop and mobile devices before discussing the various advantages and disadvantages of using this service. Stick around at the end, where I am going to share with you some investigative reporting on who owns and runs PureVPN, which should be fun. You are probably already aware of what these time indicators mean, so I will continue with a new paragraph.

The first thing you see when opening the PureVPN app is your dashboard which displays a connect button and enables quick selection from a variety of servers located around the world. Now, PureVPN offers several modes including streaming, which is to get around any type of censorship or block. Although PureVPN doesn’t allow P2P or file sharing, it does provide a VIP program.

PureVPN Black Friday

It s not too much different at the end of the settings, other than maybe file sharing, which will use out-of-the-ordinary servers for P2P file sharing. And then, of course, a unique IP address; however we offer that as an exclusive add on if you want to purchase it. I would usually recommend going with either internet freedom or streaming. However, you will get to choose which website you are trying to stream before connecting and starting to unblock the site. So, if you look at the settings in PureVPN, what we have is other than just the selection modes is just different app settings for how to start-up your computer or how to start up PureVPN. You can select your preferred protocols.

PureVPN Protocols

They have a few different protocols, including IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN. They recommend using automatic settings for this protocol. The WireGuard protocol is missing here and that’s new in its own way as it has more security features to make data transmission as impenetrable as possible. I asked PureVPN about this option, but they don’t have any plans to implement it in the near future. You could choose from a wide variety of languages.

purevpn deals

Depending on your network type, you may not need a VPN service. If you do, always be aware that they might monitor traffic if it is turned off for more than five minutes. Seeing this on Facebook, I was appalled. How would you want to do that? And then turning on WiFi Protection Mode, which I think should be enabled by default. You becoming a beta tester You also have the ability to do port forwarding, which is usually not used by most people, but for those who want to use it, it s available. You can check for updates and feedback on help requests with this feature.
Port forwarding allows you to share a device from one Internet connection over another network which would previously have been unavailable. This This is my IP address. I want to log out with this one first, then go back and do the other one, because I can usually get a slightly better connection on that server over there. Now, quickly I want to mention the browser extension.

PureVPN Black Cyber Monday Deals

Though a PureVPN browser extension will not secure every aspect of the internet connection, using this extension will encrypt all connections made through the Chrome web browser when you are online. You can connect here. You can go to a country or popular websites, and there isn’t a lot in terms of the settings you have on your desktop software that you don’t have on this newest version, really. But it is going to give me that option if I don t want to launch the whole app, or I just downloaded this at Now, I will show you what the PureVPN app looks.

PureVPN Black Cyber Monday Deals

Unlike many other VPNs, the PureVPN mobile app is significantly different in design than its desktop counterpart. You have just this homepage, a quick connect button, and that connect button to connect you to the fastest available server. Below, you’ll see a list of locations and the country that they correspond to. If you click on a location, it will automatically sync with your desktop or mobile device. As is the case with iOS client settings, TunnelBear doesn t offer an OpenVPN protocol which they do support in their Android counterpart. Instead of WireGuard, however – which I mentioned earlier- clients can opt to use Protected channels or not to use any obfuscation whatsoever for speeds that are lightning fast. You can change the language settings. The PureVPN has what’s known as on-demand VPN, which is also called split tunneling, giving you a different name for split tunneling, where you can specify on specific server domains. When turned on, it will automatically connect to the VPN

Why Pick PureVPN in Discounts ?

This is very similar to Ivacy VPN, which offers many of these same settings and has a somewhat interesting history with PureVPN. You can submit a support ticket, and then, if necessary, send them ideas in addition to that. What most people are likely interested in, however, is here under the settings. This will allow you to ping any server and see how fast it is at responding back. When you use the app, it s easy to connect to a VPN server. Once connected, look for the VPN icon above your username in the upper right side of the screen. After exiting the app, you can keep using your phone as normal – logging into apps, surfing the web or watching videos. In all, PureVPN represents a fairly standard VPN service with an app that operates much like other virtual private networks I ve reviewed here on this channel. They offer the typical features you can expect from any VPN nowadays, including 256-bit encryption, 24/7 live chat customer support, a vast network of global servers, a kill switch, and standalone

They have several VPN connection protocols to choose from, although the new WireGuard is noticeably absent. These are all good features to have, but they re called standard for a reason. PureVPN offers a service unique among its competitors, namely the ability for users to share their bandwidth at different locations so that they can access information from censored countries. One of the PureVPN app’s neatest features is its ping test, which automatically organizes VPN servers from fastest to slowest. PureVPN has an option for dedicated IP and port forwarding, but neither is included in the base package.

Final Verdicts:

As you saw earlier, the desktop version offers different modes for people who might not be very tech-savvy. But wait, isn’t this the fastest VPN? Honestly, I wouldn’t say I like speed tests and mine was inconclusive when I was comparing with other services like Surfshark and ExpressVPN. But I think it’s safe to say that PureVPN is not the fastest VPN there ever is. PureVPN gives you uncompromising security and privacy. It s the fastest VPN on the market with impressive features to help make your device more secure, such as app guard protection. However, it currently has some flaws that need time to be addressed before they can reach their intended level of performance.

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