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Pioneer DDJ Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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If you are looking to find Pioneer DDJ Controller Black Friday Deals 2021, then this article will give you a complete overview of the best models; including the DDJ-200, DDJ-400 and the versatile new DJ controller, the DDJ-1000. Find out about Cyber Monday & Columbus Day for sales prices on our favorite Pioneer controllers

Pioneer DDJ 200

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Pioneer DDJ 400

Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT

The Pioneer DDJ SB2

Pioneer DDJ DJ Controller Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

DDJ 200

The Pioneer DDJ-400 is not a small DJ controller. You’re getting a solid piece of equipment here, despite it’s tiny size. It’s designed to work with either a Macintosh or Windows computer system, and can be used as a stand-alone controller playback system.

pioneer ddj 200 black friday


The Pioneer DDJ-100 is a competent controller that has the essentials – jog wheels, tempo, faders, and performance pads. Compared to its bigger brother the DDJ-400, it’s basically just missing across fader section.

This controller has a few downsides, like the lack of an effects section in browse and the lack of MIDI functionality.

App Configuration

However, I had to supplement my lack of mobile DJ app data by using a more robust Android phone. This made me unable to test the nuances that come with owning an iPhone and relying on a mobile-centric DJ app because it is not available for Android users.


So, DJ, let me tell you that I’m already assuming this controller performs and functions like any other professional Pioneer DJ controllers. The parts are the same, so the field is the same. But what about those jog wheels?

Pioneer DDJ 1000

The DDJ 1000 has been out for two years and I am a huge fan. Technologically advanced, it is one thing that every DJ should have in their arsenal. I haven’t been this excited about a piece of software in a long time. I wish they would release the original version on PC as well.

pioneer ddj 1000srt black friday

Record Box

Ever since the introduction of the CD, having a relationship with cerrado has not been what it used to be. Pioneer had this idea and knew exactly what they were doing for many years because once they introduced this controller

Pioneer’s nexus systems are their flagship line. That essentially means that same system pretty much blows for the blow dry a mirror right off. The bat knew they hit gold with this controller.


Many of us like me were waiting for a controller with this caliber to come out. Thankfully, Pioneer finally released the CDJ version of it not too long ago (yey). DJing has changed a lot in recent years. Gone are the tried-and-true two turntables and mixer setups, replaced with plugging a laptop into Pioneer’s DDJ SR controller.

Pioneer DDJ SB3

For beginners, the DDJ SB3 is one of the best DJ controllers to choose. The controller contains all basic features needed for a novice: two decks, platters, sampler pads and mixer with three-band EQs and channel faders.

Pioneer DDJ SB3 Black Friday


It comes with Serato DJ Lite, an entry-level drum and bass music producer and sound software; you can move up to Serato DJ Pro to access all of the features.

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