Nest Security Camera Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

nest security iq review
nest security iq review
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Are you looking for the best Black Friday deals on Nest Security cameras? This article will give you a complete guide for Cyber Monday and Columbus Day sales.

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Nest Security IQ Camera Black Friday Deals 2021

Nest Iq is one of many companies that make home security cameras. I have been a Nest user for about two months and they provide me with two such security devices.

Nest Security Camera black friday


Not only have they released their own thermostats and smoke detectors; but now they are coming out with more cameras. nest cam review Nest security cameras come with a range of features, including day-night vision.


It would help if you had it or put it in the doorway, right in the field of view. This way you will know when somebody is coming and can clear things out faster. It’s pointed right at the entrance to your apartment, so you know you’re on camera. It’s just not a big deal because it doesn’t look that bad.

(See screenshot below) To mount it to the wall, you just need a drill. Check out Ring Floodlight Camera Black Friday Deals .


The Nest IQ has a new video sensor that can take 4K video, along with the hardware and processing power to support it.

(In this revised version, each sentence is clarified by highlighting section that needs explanation.) Still, it doesn’t continuously stream 4K security camera footage – that would be insane.

The Nest Cam IQ is designed to record in 1080p at all times and can be zoomed in on 4x without any loss of picture quality.

This example provides a nice demonstration of how the syntax for removing repeated words changes past tense (is) to present (is).


The features of the Nest Cam IQ, most notably its higher resolution sensor, make it a worthy upgrade. The entire lens can see 130 degrees, with an average view. It zooms in 4 times, and keeps its clear quality the whole time.


Nest Security IQ Review

If you’re interested in wireless cameras, chances are you’ve heard of Nest. Their cameras can often be found in stores such as Target and Best Buy, and their main market is the home. But not many know that the company also offers a security camera that goes with them too – specifically “Nest Aware.” It We ll track the person moving around in this frame, and it will usually work quite well if you keep your subject within the frame as they move. I have no complaints about this, and it would make sense to follow the company’s lead and look at their actions.

Nest Security Camera black friday deals

Why pick Nest Security IQ Camera on Black Friday?

There are some key differences between these two cameras. The Nest Cam IQ includes a speaker and microphone, which the original model does not have. It’s like a sudden shift in daylight or when wind blows outside the window.

The Nest can be set up to notify the user of certain events. However, I found it to be less reliable than a simple motion sensor and setting alerts for specific areas didn’t feel natural or intuitive. Although the notifications have been helpful with my previous devices, nest cam IQ has proved more useful.

Final Verdict

It can identify when it’s seen a human before or not, and if you already know people who live in your house, that information is saved so it doesn’t notify you every time they enter the home.

The camera is not waterproof, making it an unsuitable outdoor cam. However, it is a worthy addition to the rest of your Nest products. If you already own a Nest product, this new security camera will provide no more value than one that you already own. My consensus on this device is that there are positives and negatives alike; if you have

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