Marshall Woburn II Speaker Black Friday Deals 2021

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Marshall Woburn II Cyber Monday Deals 2021. Looking for Marshall Woburn 2 Black Friday Deals? Download this guide* to find the ones best for you…

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Marshall Woburn II Speaker Black Friday Deals 2021

This speaker has one sub, two tweeters, and dual 5.25 inch subs; it is therefore very bass-driven but the mids and highs are nice as well.

marshall woburn ii black friday

As far as the trim and knobs, there is plenty of light to see them. The lettering on the Marshall speaker itself looks exquisite with a strong style that stands out at first glance.


Marshall has crafted an exquisite design with complementing retro features. The speakers themselves support cellular streaming which allows you to control the device from two different devices at once, making it a great addition for get-togethers.

Sound Quality

It also gives you a lot of control over your sound. You can customize the settings or go with their preset for all the music categories as far as rock jazz acoustic. It has a lot of controls via the app. Let’s start with some sounds and explore each one. The microphone was about ten feet from the speaker, and I’ve also noticed that once you’re streaming.

Final Words

When you lose the connection to your speaker around 230 feet, it cuts in and out. When playing my music, I noticed that the sound quality was still excellent even if speakers weren’t working I think you could find something a little cheaper with similar sound, but this is the one for you.

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Table of Contents
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