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Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021

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Hunting for Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021? You’ll want to check out this article that has exclusive tips on how to find the most recent deals and discounts.

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Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals 2021

I use cast iron griddle pans a lot more these days. In particular, I like the 10½” Lodge pan they have here.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday


I love this pan more than any other pan I have. I even use it in place of my carbon steel or stainless steel pans on occasion because it is lightweight and durable for traditional cooking styles. The lodge branding they provided at the end of it, but I cooked bacon on this. I made some bits. I just made pancakes the other day.


When I first started assembling this guy, I didn’t think there was much leverage to do other things. But you have some variety with the blade that comes on it and its traditional skillets. This is a ten-inch [smallest] as well, but I’m really impressed with this one. It has become my go-to skillet. I’m sure you can find it at many places or online and judging by how much I like it, that seems pretty common.

Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan Black Friday Deals

Why pick Lodge Cast Iron Griddle Pan on Black Friday?

I think I would start with a cast-iron skillet. It can do so much, and it’s versatile in both indoor and outdoor use. If it is cold in your neck of the woods, this would be a great purchase for those more challenging times because you can do many of the same things like I said. Bacon burgers inside!

Final Verdict

I want to get one of these presses with a top for smashed burgers, and there are so many other potential uses as well! It works by heating it up, pouring some oil on it, then you can bake or fry something using the griddle pan. The pan must be heated on the range surface before it is cleaned.

Griddle or Skillet?

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