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LG UBK90 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for LG UBK90 Black Friday deals? This article will give you a complete guide to the latest offers and discounts on LG televisions.

LG UBK90 Black Friday Deals 2021

Sony just released their X 700 player and now on hand we have LG’s latest player for 2018, the ubk 90. The player retails at $150 and is the successor to last year’s up9 70. It is vision capable out of the box. Upon opening the box, we found . The USB input is covered, unlike last year’s model. There are no inputs for LAN to HDMI. One notable difference between this and the previous model is that it has a different rigid texture on top of it. The remote control is fairly standard and generally unimpressive. Let’s go through some of the settings to see what we might be able to do with it.

LG UBK90 Black Friday

The LG UP0090 offers excellent Wi-Fi with strong network connectivity. The UI and options are easy to navigate, but there are only a few aspect ratio changes available. Now let’s check for any updates. A new firmware update is available, and it will take about five minutes to download depending on your network speed.


Now let’s try out my go-to Tom Hanks movie. The movies has a number of options on the Display button, including title and chapter selections (along with) audio selection, subtitle, camera angle, and more. When using anamorphic lenses in a projector setup, you can have a few image presets to choose from. These include standard, vivid movie, and user settings. There are contrasts such as brightness, colour and sharpness which you can tweak for the best quality. As part of my testing, I checked out Dolby Vision content on a Sony A1E LED TV.

LG UBK90 cyber monday


You ll need to get a Sony TV that supports this type of video, unfortunately. I switched displays and it s now being played on a Vizio M-series television. With Dolby Vision support, everything works just fine! I’ve tried this on the Sony 4K TV and it only streams in standard HDR, not Dolby Vision.

Why pick LG UBK90 on Black Friday?

Now let’s go and try the YouTube app. This is LG’s own demo video. It does indeed stream in 4K and HDR so my initial impressions of the unit are that image quality looked impressive. I hadn’t noticed any weird anomalies streaming quality look just as good as disc playback, but that depends on your network connection at the time of this

Final Verdict

I just got my new LG UBK90 and I have to say, I am not seeing any noise in playback when jumping around a movie or scene. Plus it has been running pretty smoothly so far. The plastic/aluminum ring surrounds the glossy screen at the front of device.

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