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LG Stylo 4 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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LG Stylo 4 Black Friday Deals 2021

The LG Stylo 4 boasts specifications including a 6.2″ HD display and quad-core Snapdragon 450 processor, among others.

lg stylo 4 black friday


lg stylo 4 review

It’s two gigabytes of RAM, a battery capacity of 3,200 milliamps and I’ve used it for like few weeks. It has good battery life because I’m not really using this as a phone. All I’m doing is using it at home for web stuff, email and what

The stylus that comes with this phone is good. You can use the stylus to save notes or write on screen what you’re thinking about. It also has a headphone jack which is handy too! Check out Moto G7 Black Friday Deals.


In my review of LG Stylo 4, I found the fingerprint sensor to be very snappy and had no lag. Also, scrolling through processes run smoothly without issue.


The LG Stylo 4 feels very premium and the buttons on the side are especially satisfying to press. The rear is plastic but some people say it scratches easily, so they may want to get a case for it in order to keep their device looking new.

lg stylo 4 black friday deals

Why pick LG Stylo 4 on Black Friday?

LG stylo 4 review
The LG stylo 4 is not super light, but has a good weight to it. There are many versions of the phone that have a dual-band Wi-Fi, but this Tracfone version only has single-band Wi Fi. I haven’t encountered any problems with connectivity when using it at home,

Final Verdict

lg stylo 4 is a cheap, well-designed tablet that performs better than a fire tablet.

lg stylo 4 review
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