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LG 43UN700 B Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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LG 43UN700-B Black Friday Deals 2021

Spending a large amount of time in front of the computer screen can take its toll on both your eyes and neck. Spending money to buy a high quality monitor is an investment that will help you avoid strain. lg 43un700 b deals

While this TV provides a great deal of screen space, there are plenty of drawbacks. When I purchased it eight years ago it had an extremely slow 12 millisecond response time and poor color accuracy for other IPS panels. It also has no on-screen displays adjusting images or handling any connectivity options whatsoever; by modern standards these features are outdated. The LG 43 UD seventy-two be on the surface.

It’s a 43-inch 4k monitor or what most people would consider to be a TV but it goes far deeper than that. It is a 4k panel with a resolution of 3840 by 2160 and 60 Hertz refresh rate. It has an IPS panel which provides superb viewing angles-they don’t get any better than this Find discounted Samsung TVs here.

lg 43un700 b black friday

You ve had two monitors on your desk for far too long. Sometimes it is worth the investment. The LG 43 in this case provides the same size and pixel density as 421 and a half inch 1080p monitors, all without bezels getting in the way or any limits to screen size–you can use a 21and-a-halfinch I work in 4K mode on a super-wide 43 inch display that snaps windows to the corners of the screen at 450 nits. I don’t have enough of desk space for two 27-inch monitors in the current setup and I might still be struggling without an upgrade.


If I opted to go with dual 24-inch monitors, the 43 UD 79 is by no means perfect for displaying color. However, it is factory calibrated and suitable enough for a budding content creator like myself. If you’re aiming for more professional color accuracy, these screens start at about $1200 USD and go up from there; but this

The LG sits in a price range that is competitive with most 27 and 32 inch professionally minded monitors. One of my favorite features on this monitor are the six input types Who is constantly swapping out monitors for testing or to use? I also play games on the monitors.

That’s not all, this monitor also supports input splitting and picture-in-picture modes. You can hook up multiple machines to this monitor and use them all at the same time for example nothing stopping me from hooking up that Raspberry Pi-based emulation system.

The LG 43UN700 is a dream for multitaskers and budding multi-computer owners. The monitor has multiple adjustments you can make, including pivoting vertically to accommodate using one or two monitors on a desk. There are also built in speakers that deliver surprisingly good sound at the simple click of a button from your keyboard’s media controls.


The one problem with this TV that you won’t expect isn’t the image you are seeing, but rather the outside of the frame. Compared to my previous monitor, gaming performance on my LG 43UJ6270 is noticeably faster. The gray-to-gray response time claims 5 milliseconds, and the screen’s native contrast ratio of 5090:1 really helps with games that are very dark in color scheme. I didn’t notice any input lag when using the monitor on 1080p or 1440 resolutions, and it wasn’t noticeable at 4k in games.


The tearing is huge and uneven while playing games, so I was down with V-Sync set as it’s the easiest way to have a steady frame rate. Resolution scaling was interesting since 3840 by 2160 is double. Monitor Stand: This monitor comes with a monitor stand, which I was able to use for about three days before my computer desk became too crowded and I had to put the stand in an inconvenient location.
1080p vs. 1440p: On 1080p you would expect nearly perfect scaling of four pixels to one pixel but this did not I had to get a wall mount because of the limited depth of my desk, but it was worth it because this 43 inch panel is huge and I could put the monitor on a higher shelf.

LG 43UN700B Cyber monday

Why pick LG 43UN700-B on Black Friday?

The monitor doesn’t have any built in stand or arm for it, so you will need to order something separately. The LG 43UD79-B is a bargain for a color calibrated monitor, but it does cost more than similarly sized non-color calibrated monitors with similar features.

Final Verdict

It supports more inputs than most TVs with support for DisplayPort and USB C as well as multiple ports for connecting devices like a 4k monitor, but it lacks features like higher DPI or anti-tearing so gamers will notice these drawbacks. If I had to nitpick the color is quite different from what I’m used to and there are too many wires.

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