LG 38WK95C W Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

lg 38wk95c w deals
lg 38wk95c w deals
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Are you shopping for LG 38WK95C-W Black Friday Deals? We have a complete guide on the sales and discounts for LG 38WK95C-W Cyber Monday s.

LG 38WK95C-W Black Friday Deals 2021

One of the biggest benefits to LG’s curved UltraWide display is that it introduces a wider screen for more productive work, without having to add multiple screens. The LG 38-inch UC99 appears to be the perfect display for MacBook Pro users based on its USB Type-C connector. The monitor is very large and has special handling instructions on the outside of the box to help determine the best way to set up. Checkout Vizio M8 Series Price

LG 38WK95C-W Black Friday

Those accessories we just mentioned – they come with this curved stand. We ll show you how to install it, just a minute. Digging into the accessories, we’ll see there is lots of paperwork and an installation CD which you probably won’t need. There also are a full set of matching white cables including our power cable, HDMI, Display Port and USB Type-C cable. Included are also a very large external power supply so that it can keep the monitor cool while being


Included with the monitor assembly is a USB Type-A to USB Type-C adaptor that makes everything easier. There are also toggle screws on the bottom of each base so you only need your hands to assemble them. So, installing the stand is a two-person job. We need to lay the monitor face-down on our work surface and use the styrofoam provided to protect the screen from getting damaged. I’m also going to leave this plastic on it so I don’t accidentally scratch anything up. Now, if you would like to attach a VESA mount, then this is a 100mm VESA mount. So, once everything is assembled, I can upright the monitor and pull off all of the plastic and styrofoam that it was encased in. Now this sure is a good-looking display especially with my setup: I have this really large desk and like how this ties right into it.

So, it has a really thin border along the sides and I really like this matte screen because it’s less reflective than other models here. The back of the display is very minimal: just white plastic with a high gloss finish. The LG 38WK95C display has a very large, curved base that is just like the shape of the monitor itself. The metal finish sends light up to reflect off of the LED indicator at the bottom. I also like how the metal finish is picked up by the monitor’s edges. Okay, to keep your setup extra clean, we have some cable management which snaps onto the back of the stand and works really well.


This LG display also has a pivotable base, so you can adjust it as needed to position the screen in any direction. Now, we get two built-in 10W speakers with a nice rich base. What s more, they work very well and are very loud. And Bluetooth capabilities make it easier to connect your mobile device to the set, for listening via internal speaker or through headphones. So, for now let s take a quick listen and see what they sound like.

LG 38WK95C W cyber monday


Also, at the bottom of this monitor we get a joystick that we can use to quickly move through the on-screen menu, or select items. And if you want it turn off? You’ll have to head into your settings. The LG 38” curved-screen monitor includes a USB quick charger, 2 hdmi cables, 1 displayport cable and an audio stereo jack. This is a wide-screen 21:9 aspect ratio with an HD 3840×1600 resolution and contrasts sharply to the 4k or 5k display. This model maxes out at 300 nits, significantly less than Apple’s 5k UltraFine display.

Why pick LG 38WK95C W on Black Friday?

As far as color capabilities, this is a 10-bit panel with an sRGB over 99%, so it’s great for professionals who need to look at accurate video and graphics. For gamers, the features FreeSync which can handle 75hz refresh rates. This monitor is perfect for multitasking. The 1ms motion blur reduction means you will experience virtually no blurring or ghosting while speeding up the projection response time to a more desirable level of one-millisecond.

Final Verdict

Although I don’t think the camera’s popularity stems from any one reason, it is undeniable that having the full-screen uninterrupted view of our timeline gives us more screen space to work with and time freed up for focusing on video editing applications. Living as a full-time video producer, my productivity is greatly improved from using this monitor.

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