LG 27UL850 W Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

lg 27ul850 w deals
lg 27ul850 w deals
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LG 27UL850 W Black Friday Deals 2021

Today I’m going to review the LG 27UL850 4k monitor, so I’ll quickly run you through the main specs- it has an Ultra HD 4k IPS display at 27 inches. It is specifically designed for productivity; in fact, your laptop can be charged at up to 15 watts. It has built-in speakers and an HDR (High Dynamic Range) display that runs at 60Hz. Anyway, I will unbox this to see what is inside then take a few weeks to get familiar with it and come back when I’m ready with my thoughts. We bought a monitor stand. It is constructed of the brushed metal you’d find on an Apple product, so it looks sleek and modern. We got a power cable, and one USB-C cable for laptops with that connection. The displayport cable and the hdmi cable means that you can connect your computer in two different ways. There is also a CD, but its role is unclear so it may be for secondary functionality or just to hold the cables when not in use. Check out Acer Predator X34.

LG 27UL850 W Black Friday

Itís difficult to find a good use for these things anymore because the electronic power brick is so big. And since, we got the monitor. I ve been using the monitor for a couple of months, and I can make two observations.


This display is an excellent choice for editing videos. The 4k resolution and HDR support produce beautiful playback quality, while the 60 Hz refresh rate makes working with video easy. Input connections include two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort connection and a USB-C connection offering up to 60 watts of power to your laptop device! The lg 27ul850 has two usb 3 type a ports so you can charge your phone or anything else that charges through this type of cable. There is also a 3.5-millimeter headphone port for headphones or speakers, and inbuilt 5 watt stereo speakers which are pretty good quality considering how small they are. These speakers sound great and I ll demo them later in the video. They also have a few neat gaming features that are highlighted on their website.


I won’t say this is a bad monitor, I can’t really comment on the gaming features myself because I don’t game so much. However, it only goes up to 60 Hz and if you’re looking for super-fast refresh rates then this isn’t the best choice of monitor in terms of display quality. I am happy with this monitor. It is sharp, bright and the colours are vibrant without any backlight bleeding when displaying a completely black image.

27UL850 W black friday

Why pick LG 27UL850-W on Black Friday?

For a monitor mount I used the 100mm VESA standard which my screen has on it and then attach this mount onto my boom arm. That way I ll be able to use the monitor as a second screen or maybe even set up youtube tv streaming in both screens at once. Now if you re looking for your own low cost option type Auch Though this monitor also include its own stand, if you do not have a boom arm to put it on then I’ll show you how that works. Here’s the base of the stand if your mono doesn’t come with one. It is sturdy and does the job; however, it looks like an ordinary tripod so I don’t particularly enjoy looking at

Final Verdict

The other nifty feature is that you can rotate the monitor 90 degrees if you like to have your screen vertical. I think it sounds okay, but some of the high end frequencies are a bit muffled and there is a real mushy low-end on it, too. I’ll just compare the speakers to those on this 16-inch MacBook Pro, which are renowned for having some of the best speakers on any laptop. Nevertheless, it’s not really a fair comparison since these are 4K monitors while Mac laptops only come in high definition (i.e., 1080p), or less than HD (

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