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Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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This article provides Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday Deals 2021 and other related information.

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Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday Deals 2021

The Lenovo Yoga 920 is Lenovo’s latest update to their yoga series. It comes with the newest Intel 8th generation processors and features that allow for 360 degrees of rotation, so it can be used in any position – making it versatile compared to other ultrabooks.

lenovo yoga 920 black friday

Let’s find out how the Lenovo Yoga 920 manages to look both clean and classy. On top, it has a traditional-looking aluminium slab with the Yoga logo. The most significant differentiator is on the bottom half of this laptop though – from just above your keyboard down to approximately mid way through the device, which is made entirely out of smooth black

The exceptional hinge serves dual-purpose. The first section of the article describes how it resembles a timeless timepiece, while also allowing users to rotate 270 degrees and making drawing easier with a Lenovo Yoga Book Pen. One of our favorite features on the Yoga 920 is its pen. It comes with Wacom Active ES technology and a battery-free design to ensure that your writing stays beautiful no matter where you are.
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Let’s say this is one of the laptops with a Surface Book-like design, but it also comes with an Apple Pencil for drawing on the iPad Pro.

GPU and Ports

You can’t go wrong if you want to hook up an external GPU and play all the latest games comfortably. There’s also an audio jack for headphones, and on the right side you have a traditional USB 3.0 port Lenovo Yoga 920’s weight is 3 pounds, which is a little heavier than the Dell XPS 13.


It’s easy to carry this laptop in a bag due to its light weight, and the slim form factor makes it portable. After removing the screws from the bottom of the laptop, you can remove its cover to see what is inside–however there isn’t much you can do because the CPU and RAM are on opposite sides of the motherboard.

lenovo yoga 920 cyber monday


You have two fans at the top of this laptop to keep it cool. The battery works really well, and the display is absolutely gorgeous.

Colors & Brightness

The Yoga 920 is 14 inches, with outstanding color accuracy. You can get it in 1080P or 4K, like the one I have here. The colors on this version are stunningly accurate compared to last year’s Dell XPS 15. Lenovo’s Yoga 920 offers over a hundred percent SRGH, and was able to provide a color gamut of 81% Adobe RGB.


The webcam on the Lenovo Yoga 920 is 720p, which means that it can be considered high definition and of decent quality. Though the audio is good enough quality for streaming games or video conferences, the speakers are positioned on its underside and don’t face towards whoever is sitting at it.

Lenovo Yoga 920 Black Friday Deals

One weakness of the Yoga 920 was its inability to handle distortion at high volumes. The vocals sounded excellent for the most part, but loud sounds got a bit too seeppy no matter what I listened to during my review.
What are your thoughts on these headphones? Good highs, good mids, and barely discernible bass.

Why pick Lenovo Yoga 920 on Black Friday?

The laptops microphone is an important part of the 920. They have a far-field feature which allows Cortana to be heard from across the room. The keys on the Yoga 920 have a travel distance of 1.3 millimeters, but I did find them to be a little shallow and mushy when pressed down.

Temperatures and Battery

I never had any issues with thermal throttling. I put it under a bunch of CPU stress tests and observed that surface temperature was still in an acceptable range, even when all available CPU capability is being used. The Lenovo Yoga 920 performed well in the heat tests, with its surface only averaging 45 to 46 degrees Celsius after 30 minutes of being heated. With an average battery life, this is one of the key advantages that it has over other laptops on the market.

Final Verdict

The newest CPU from Intel, the eighth generation, will mean more efficiency when it comes to battery life. With less powerful and clocked CPUs, consumers should see a significant increase in how long they can go in between charging devices. That’s an amazing improvement from the previous generation of yoga laptops, which were usually slower than ultrabooks.


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