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JBL Boombox Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021 ~ June 2021 Sales

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Want to know about the best deals for JBL Boombox on Columbus Day 2019? This article has everything you need.

JBL Boombox Columbus Day Deals 2021

The JBL boombox is a product that has two four inch woofers, two 2.2 mm tweeters, and a 20,000 milliamp-hour battery that claims to play for 24 hours from one charge. All the typical buttons are on the top, but you also have access to things like EQ and other features.

JBL Boombox Columbus Day

You can control the sound by pressing the play button to start, volume buttons up or down for volume and transport buttons to go forward over tracks. The only thing is it doesn’t allow you to cut songs which is a bit of an inconvenience but I will get used to that too.


On the back of the speaker is a button to switch between indoor and outdoor modes. The bass is lowered and the highs are raised when switched to outdoor mode, which makes mids more distinguishable.

I think it’s doing that now. The general construction of the boombox is intensely solid, like it’s just built well and while the woofers are exposed.


So I don’t recommend beating the out of this thing. However, on the other hand, the rubber seal is pretty thick and durable so it should withstand a few knocks here and there. Speaking of durability, it comes with an IPX7 water-resistant rating which is fantastic.

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