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iRobot Braava Jet M6 Black Friday Sale 2021

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Black Friday offers on the iRobot Braava Jet M6 are coming soon! Find out how to get discounts and connect with the latest deals this Memorial Day.

iRobot Braava Jet M6 Memorial Day Sales 2021

iRobot is upgrading its mop-enabled robot line with the Bravo jet M6. Compatible only with their other robot vacuum lines, it joins the i7 and s9 in a new generation of mopping robots. The irobot Braava M6 comes with four mop pads, two for dry cleaning and two designed for wet mopping.

iRobot Braava Jet M6 Memorial Day

You can also buy washable mopping pads separately. The robot will know which type of pad you attach and automatically switch to wet mopping mode when appropriate. You fill up the tank with water or a water solution mixture for cleaning.

The iRobot Braava jet m6 does not travel very far and only sprays at the top of any surfaces.

Mapping Technology

IRobot’s high-end smart Roomba vacuums work without any mapping, but the Braava Jet M6 must be manually mapped by a user. It cleans as it goes and automatically adjusts how much solution is dispensed based on how dirty the floor is.

It’s efficient with its water usage even when set to full spray mode, and it can handle large jobs. Even when the tank is nearly full, there is plenty of capacity for the braava roomba to complete tasks.

Built-in Mods

In the fastest mode, you can adjust the number of passes depending on your preferences. For a more thorough cleaning, we recommend doing one pass with a robot vacuum-like build and then continuing over the same length of mopping surface to do another pass with most of the mop pad’s medium clean load .

Braava Jet M6 black friday

The Braava Jet’s advanced cleaning mode wipes five times more than the extended sweep. Check out Roomba 960 Deals.

Fast Mod

If you’re using the m6 in deep clean mode, get ready for a long mopping session.

Camera Option

The bravo jet series has a number of high-end options, but the irobot braava jet m6 is notable because it s the first from their line to have mapping capabilities and an upgraded battery. These mean that this model can clean large houses with ease. The irobot braava jet m6 also benefits from recharge

Imprint Technology

The Braava Jet is equipped with a mapping feature, just like the Roomba. When commands are set up in advance it will navigate its way through the room and do some mopping as instructed.

The user can tell it to map certain rooms while avoiding others by inputting clippings into the app of where they want it to

irobot braava jet m6 cyber monday

The robot has something called imprint link technology, which means that in the app. If you’re about to start a mob and you have an i7 robot vacuum. It will ask if you want it to vacuum first, and if so, it’ll start the robot then when it finishes its job.


The m6 can’t distinguish floor types, so you’ll need to prepare your space before use.

I previously thought the M6 was just alright, but now that I have its virtual wall barriers on board, my opinion has changed.

This robot is equipped with sensors that detect if it hits a patch of carpet or rug, and the bot will then get around it without getting caught up. For our test room, there was even a thin mat by the bathtub which this model could navigate around.

The m6 is a huge upgrade from the previous versions because earlier braves were unable to dock independently.

Final Words

The iRobot Braava Jet M6 may not have been designed for whole-house cleanup, but it’s certainly capable of doing the job. The difference was in the dusting: less needed to be done after each round
than I had seen with other models. But before you invest, keep in mind that this robot only comes equipped

The mop pad sold separately, as you will quickly be out of the wet mopping disposable pads included and would be spending too much on disposable pads if you go that route, seems like this is the best mopping robot from iRobot.

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