IPVanish VPN Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

ipvanish vpn deals
ipvanish vpn deals
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Are you looking for IPVanish VPN Black Friday deals 2020? Here is the best IPvanish VPN black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, sales, and discount.


In today s review of IPVanish, we re going to look at its pros and cons, features, run speed, and leak tests. Check out the service s subscription options, customer support, and mobile applications before purchasing. Let s look at the pros and cons of IPVanish, beginning with the positive aspects.

IPVanish VPN offers significant value for the money, but consumers should be aware that it is operated from within the United States and thus could become subject to surveillance laws like The Patriot Act and FISA. We ve reviewed the pros and cons for IPVanish, now let s take a look at its features. IPVanish does not log website content visited, web browsing activity or any personal data down the line. They do log non-personal data. This information includes the operating system, browser type and how long you are on IPVanish

IPVanish VPN:

IPS, Inc. has been the subject of two law enforcement investigations over the past 18 months. The company was issued a summons in 2016 by DHS Homeland Security Investigations to comply with a subpoena and hand over certain data while maintaining its proprietary information as provided for under the federal rules. In 2017 IPS acquired ipvanish vpn deals from NishNish LLC A thread on Reddit announced the CEO of that company recommitting the company to a no-logging policy. They will not be doing any type of data logging beyond what you just read. IPVanish has a killswitch for instances where their service is interrupted, which they employ to ensure that your browsing and activities are not leaked if IPVanish goes down. Our kill-switch and network-lock features ensure that your IP is not compromised.

IPVanish VPN Black Friday

The next feature of IPVanish that we’ll cover is split tunneling. Split tunneling will allow you to be on a public network and private network at the same time because there are some things you want show to people across the public network, while other items may need to stay private. A downside is that, like many VPN services, it throttles bandwidth consumption. Fortunately, IPVanish provides split tunneling: you can manually select which connections to shift all traffic through. It also has more than a handful of servers that work with Netflix. IPVanish has an excellent return policy; you can even use Netflix with it. In order to properly conduct these tests, I will be using two devices: a Macbook Air and an Asus VivoBook. Let’s start with the speed test.

IPVanish VPN Black Friday Deals 2020

When it comes to downloading speed on my Mac, it only slowed down about 15 percent compared to 62 percent on my Windows computer. When it comes to uploading speed, the computers were more closely aligned. When I used my Macbook Air, there was a decrease in the upload speed of about 17% and only about 25% on the Asus VivoBook. The last thing I tested was ping, which is sometimes called latency. This is one category wherein Windows computer actually beat up my Mac. Mac latency went from 14 milliseconds to 16 with the VPN, a difference of about 14 percent. When benchmarked, both computers performed fairly well–but the Mac was faster.

The next test that we re going to run is the DNS leak test. To execute this test, type securitybaron.com into your browser and press enter. The underlying IP address of Security Baron will be handed back to you in the form of a series of numbers if there are no leaks found on behalf of the browser extension’s data The private tunnel that protects your information is important. Fortunately, we found IPVanish passed in our tests and it also does not have WebRTC leaks. We ran additional WebRTC tests when we encountered the IPVanish spokesperson’s statement that they were not involved in any surveillance alliances. Thankfully, all our tests came back with a perfect score. That said, because IPVanish is based in the United States and subscribes to international surveillance alliances like Five Eyes, for now, it would be an Which of these US-based providers have the best VPN? With any of these options, you have a seven-day money-back guarantee. If you don’t like it in that first week, you can get your money back.


I have seen some money-back guarantees that are a little bit better, even up to 45 days. However, these tend to be short term and many only last 3 days. It is nice to find a middle ground for both length of time and terms IPVanish is known for their customer service offerings. On top of their helpful web-based Help Center, the company offers live chat and phone support too. They also have a live chat service that lets you know where you are in the queue to answer your inquiry. When we experienced downtime, the time never exceeded five minutes. That s pretty impressive. What did others think? If you look at Amazon, they give the product 3.8 out of 5 stars.

That is with over 3,200 reviews. If you do a search for customer service in the 15 that are there, 13 are negative. That is a bit of a caveat because when you look at anything post-2017, they do much better. When IPVanish first overhauled their customer support system, they added phone and live chat options. Reviews on Trustpilot back this up because there are more than 2,000 reviews for the service. When we looked at 2,000 reviews in the customer support section of iphone vpn provider deals, they were all over the map. They had switched up their customer service department though and there were many positive posts on that first few pages of reviews post-2017 after implementation of new technology.

Why IPVanish VPN?

They seem to have a very clear positive trajectory when it comes to their customer service. The final element I want to talk about for IPVanish is the mobile app. You can use IPVanish on all of these platforms: Linux, Chromebooks, Windows and Mac machines. In the Google Play Store, it has a 3.5 out of 5-star rating. In the App Store, it has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating Not surprisingly, it seems like people have been enjoying their experience on mobile devices. Let’s check it out on my iPhone 10 right now. International travel can be a daunting task for anyone, but it is especially challenging when you have small children in tow. Parents with small kids should prepare as best they can by packing healthy snacks and activities to keep their kiddos on good behavior. If all else fails, let’s pick just one country – I’ll go over my last visit

Get IPVanish Cyber Monday Sale and Discount:

We can hit, Connect. Voil , here I am in Colombia now. Looking at Colombia, let s go to the next one. Let s hit that gear at the top-right for our settings, see the different options. Let s go to the top-left corner, click here Traveling overseas is challenging regardless of your age, but parents traveling with kids face an even greater challenge. Please help me decide on where I want to live.

IPVanish Cyber Monday

Final Verdict:

Overall, ipvanish is really helpful and intuitive. It’s one of the best VPNs out there.

-It checks a lot of those boxes for you ipvanish it is fast with a really solid application and allows for you to use Netflix. Besides that, then ipvanish is based in the United States which belongs to surveillance international alliances like Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, and Fourteen Eyes. That s something to be mindful of. When it comes to the overall experience with this VPN, we re very happy with IPVanish. That concludes our review of IPVanish. If you appreciate today s video, give us a like and hit that Subscribe button. As always, this is Gabe at Security Baron. Make your sessions secure by using IPVanish VPN Deals!

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