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Infant Optics DXR-8 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Looking for Infant Optics DXR-8 Black Friday Deals 2021? Here are some of the best Cyber Monday deals, sales and discounts for this product.

Infant Optics DXR-8 Black Friday Deals 2021

The DXR-8 use an interchangeable lens system, which means you have the ability to swap out lenses with different focal lengths. There is the standard lens that comes on the monitor out of the box.

Infant Optics DXR-8 black friday


The DXR8 has two battery modes, one lasting 10 hours while off in sleep mode and the other only 6 hours with its screen on. It can pan around 270 degrees and tilt 120 degrees. I’ll touch on this below. It has a two-way communication feature, which is one of the few redeeming qualities it has. Telling you, this is gonna be difficult to write about.

The menu of the parent unit includes a variety of features for sound control, brightness levels, and viewing. You know this little bell? It’s not ringing now but I’m guessing it does something when the alarm goes off. You can set it for two hours, four hours, five hours or you can just have it go off without an alarm going off first.


I see this funny little icon, but I don’t know what it means. What is DXR8? You can connect up to two additional cameras with the DXR-8, bringing your total number of cameras to four.

Here are some of the main features I liked about this monitor:
The two-way talk feature is a must if you plan on using the DXR 8 into your child’s toddler years. This monitor and camera are connected by a radio frequency signal which has no WiFi issues.


This is a rare scenario where dumbed down technology has an advantage over more advanced tech. It also has a remote pan and tilt, which makes it harder to hack. The pan-to-tilt and harder-to-hack features. These, of course, are needless in today’s world where moving mechanical parts have become obsolete.

There are a few reasons that you should just toss those lenses – the ones on your camera, that is. For one thing, they’re more likely to break down as you use them more and pay less attention to how much care you put into looking after them or which lens model you choose. My point? If only there were some kind of HD

Infant Optics DXR-8 black friday deals

Why pick Infant Optics DXR-8 on Black Friday?

In addition to eliminating the need for proprietary lenses, the Orca DXR8 also eliminates one another objection that you will hear from people when it comes to all-in-one digital cameras: they need wifi. There have been few stories reported on hacking of wifi monitors, as it is difficult to do. I’ll wait. How many were you able to find? Were any of these brands on the list? I’ll answer that for you. No, because companies like these take security very seriously and have put it at the top of their list.

We ve linked to an informative article below that provides a clear overview of how hackers can hack into wireless baby monitors. Although the risk is low, it’s easy to take preventative measures.
Last sentence: The link in the first paragraph will provide some excellent advice on wireless baby monitor devices. One thing that I disliked about this monitor is the connectivity. The specifications say that it has a 700ft range, but every time I tested it, I only got half of that distance before losing my signal. Here’s a practical example.

Final Verdict

The connectivity is not great. The bulky parent unit issue. In the last four plus years, size of this new receiver doesn’t seem to have been reduced at all, and here it is I’m going to put one aside and my daughter is going to play with the other.

Now the video feed out of the camera is 640 by 480. That means that it s not as good as other monitors in this price range. Another downside with DxR 8 is that it s more expensive than other monitors for its features or lack thereof In addition to having poor quality audio and video display, this monitor lacks several features which would be essential for most parents.

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It d xr 8 review t have white noise, it d t have alerts outside of telling you when the battery s dying, and given how poor the picture quality with

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