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Google Pixelbook Go Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Google Pixelbook Go Black Friday Deals 2021? Get a complete guide for Google Pixelbook Go Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Google Pixelbook Go Black Friday Deals 2021

This is a review of the “google pixelbook go” high-end chromebook that speaks to google’s commitment to chrome os. Along with this device, they announced three other things: the dough coming in multiple models.

google pixelbook go black friday


Google sent me the i5 variant with eight gigs of RAM and 128 GB of storage, so that is what I’ve been testing for design. I must say its not my favorite on the inside – it’s just a little too plain for my liking, but at least there are some subtle ridges in-between two long strips which have rubber grips

A couple of ridges on the keyboard are uncomfortable to grip and thus make handling difficult.
I first noticed that the laptop often becomes uncomfortably warm but was unable to tell whether this was due to poor design or simply more demanding tasks I put it through while simultaneously being plugged in.
While fingerprints were easy enough to wipe off, I found Check out Surface Pro 6 deals on Black Friday.


The biggest downside to this laptop is that it lacks two of the most used features in modern tech: facial recognition and a fingerprint scanner.

The Google Pixelbook, which comes in either 12-inch or 2.4 inch screen sizes and is powered by Chrome OS. The Pixelbook Go doesn’t offer a 1080p display, but its 2K resolution is still of high quality.


There are a lot of keyboards that I enjoy typing on, but I really love typing on the Pixelbook Go’s keyboard. It is incredibly satisfying to press down on the keys and they offer just enough resistance so it doesn’t feel like you’re pushing against a sponge. My favorite thing about this keyboard is the wonderful backlighting. All you have to

google pixelbook go black friday deals

Why pick Google Pixelbook Go on Black Friday?

Google claims the laptop can eek out roughly 12 hours of battery life (though I found it’s closer to 10.5-11), which has been enough for me to get a full day out of it – even when using Edge, Chrome OS is still pretty efficient compared with Windows. It also features two speakers on either side of what Google calls

Final Verdict

Chromebooks are laptops running Google’s Chrome OS, they are convenient for students and others who have limited storage needs. For most users, a Chromebook won’t offer the versatility of a Windows or Mac laptop.

1. Introduction 1a. Overview 1b. Target Audience 2. Design and Build 5 3) Startup Experience 4) Display Quality 8 5) Audio 12 6). Camera 13 7) Hardware 15 8) Software 17 9) Performance 20 10). Battery Life 23 11). Heat and Noise 24 12). Fans 25

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