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Google Daydream Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Do you want the complete guide to Google Daydream Sales, Offers and Discounts of Black Friday 2021?

Google Daydream Black Friday Deals 2021

This Google Daydream headset was made by Google as a way to transport your phone into the virtual reality world.

google daydream black friday


You can get a Google Daydream headset and remote with this package. Those parts alone lead to the choice of the Google Daydream View for its VR experience, but there are also straps included that unfortunately do not come with cables or chargers in the packaging. The only thing I really found disappointing was that although you can access Netflix on this viewer,


I found using the Google Daydream View while laid down in bed or on the sofa to be quite comfortable. It is a very futuristic experience that I recommend everyone try out for themselves. The Google Daydream View does work with past Google smartphones, although it will not work with the newest Pixel 4xhthough you can download the Deja Review app

Google Daydream View has a very clean design.


We also have the controller with us, which has a usb c port and comes with a usb cable.

google daydream black friday deals

Why pick Google Daydream on Black Friday?

This setup was easy to use and even with the phone’s protective case, I was easily able to place my compatible Google Pixel XL in the Daydream View. The elastic band at the bottom of the headset is used for opening up a door on one side of the device by pulling down on it.

It would just recognize the device and enter virtual reality mode. You hold down the tab on the side of our phone which activates an adapter, then you locate metal heads on the front this is a Google Pixel 3 XL so it’s larger than other models- but still works great!

Final Verdict

This Google Daydream review addresses some of the pros and cons of this new VR experience.

So the daydream view is a pretty good virtual reality headset and all you have to do it put your phone in there and I had no problem seeing with my bigger screen.

1. Table of Contents
2. Dissecting design and usability 4-5
3. Great for watching videos 3-4
4. Attention to detail in the VR mode is spot on 6-7
5. The Daydream View can only be used on Android because it requires a compatible kit 7

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