GE Profile Opal Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

ge profile opal nugget ice maker deals
ge profile opal nugget ice maker deals
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Are you looking for GE Profile Opal Black Friday Deals 2021? Here is a complete guide to finding the available deals on

GE Profile Opal Black Friday Deals 2021

The following is a list of some of the most popular ice maker models on the market. When choosing an ice maker there are three main questions to consider.

The first question is how much ice do you need?

GE Profile Opal Black Friday

What is the capability of your ice maker? How much can it produce in a day and how does that compare to what you need at one time? Is there a certain type of ice we should be looking for instead of standard cubes? Check out the best 🎃ICE Maker Black Friday Deals.


Picking the type of ice brick that you want usually depends on cloudy or clear, flake or crushed. Lower priced models will not have a drain hole, which means they must be emptied manually. These answers have helped create a breakdown of residential ice makers. There are two categories: portable and built-in with an at-home, full-sized variant available as well.

Portable ice makers are fantastic for anyone that may need extra ice or doesn’t have enough space to store a large refrigerator. These machines plug into a standard wall outlet, you introduce the necessary water manually and wait about 10-15 minutes before being able to produce better quality ice than those found in your freezer. It is often cheaper and more efficient to purchase ice in bulk, rather than rely on your own refrigerator or household appliance for a continuous supply of cubes.


Ge Profile Opal Nugget Ice Maker Deals
Now they don t require drain and if the ice melts before you use it. The water will recirculate and make more ice these units are very popular for wet bars out by the pool and with RV and boat enthusiasts our next step up. The Edgestar opal nugget ice maker is a small built-in appliance that will fit under your countertop. This model requires a permanent water line but does not require a drain. It can produce 12 pounds of solid ice in 24 hours, producing six pounds of cloudy crescent-shaped ice at one time.

GE Profile Opal cyber monday

Why pick GE Profile Opal on Black Friday?

These ice maker products are also popular among residential and small-scale commercial customers who may not need a large amount of ice at one time, or do not have access to an optional drain for their model.
The final model Edgestar even offers is a full-size (residential) built-in model that is ideal for homes without a

Final Verdict

This model needs a water line to produce 45 pounds of ice per day. Unlike the last two models, it requires a drain to expel the water created when the ice melts. It stores up to 25 pounds at one time. Now that many of our customers are seeking clear ice, this makes my machine great because it can produce and store a lot of clear ice due to its stainless steel front. Its affordability is an added bonus as well. This Edgestar model is the most popular full-sized unit.

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