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Garmin Forerunner 245 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal 2021

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Does the Garmin 245 Music have Black Friday Sales and Discounts? This article will give you a complete guide for what to watch out for.

Garmin 245 Music Black Friday Deals 2021

The Garmin Forerunner 245 Music is the successor of the 235 with some updated features.

garmin 245 music black friday


The watch can run for longer than the average and has also updated sensors to really get a hold on your heart rate.

The 245 Music’s affordable package includes onboard music for a variety of activities and the option to download more watch faces with Connect IQ.


This device is equipped with a backlit screen that can work perfectly even in complete darkness. We don’t want to take you through all the specs – just visit and see for yourself what this amazing device can do. Now, we are going to put it to the extreme test with lots of different exercises: running, biking

To test the function of this device, I used it on a rigorous weightlifting routine.


When I first used the watch, I was expecting mediocre accuracy. However, I was very surprised to see that the optical heart rate sensor agreed with my Apple Watch for about 40 minutes of testing. There were some dropouts when paired to a bluetooth external HRM but overall I was impressed by these features and would recommend it as an alternative to the

I have connected with an external heart rate sensor and got good readings. If you’re a gym goer look into the Garmin 245 music review

garmin 245 music black friday deals

Why pick Garmin 245 Music on Black Friday?

The Garmin 245 has a freshly updated optical heart rate monitor that is reliable even in the gym. This comes with every metric for swimming you could want from this device. Garmin provides the industry standard and is good for use in any environment – whether it’s an indoor pool setting or just a crisp, refreshing swim on a healthy day outside.

If you’re searching for a watch that can track swimming, the Garmin Forerunner 245 also includes Garmin’s wrist-based heart monitor (to track cardio).

Final Verdict

Garmin has obviously done a lot of work on the newer Forerunner 245 model to update hardware with less battery power consumption. You will get close to 7 day’s worth of use for normal activities like GPS, music streaming and more.

It’s a kinect for your training. The app store from Garmin and something that will do an amazing job of tracking everything; in the gym or on the pavement, at home or up on the side of a mountain.

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