Fujifilm X100T Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

fujifilm x100t review
fujifilm x100t review
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Fujifilm X100T Black Friday Deals 2021

I have owned the fujifilm x100t for two years, so I decided to do a long-term review.
I bought the x100t which means that as I’m recording this, I’ve had the fuji for just over two years. My third x 100 series camera arrived six months after I got my first. This is the t, and though it may be my least favorite of the group, there are still several good things about it. I started with the original x 100 then was satisfied for a little while before getting the x100s that addressed some of its issues ( I typically don’t care too much for that.

fujifilm x100t black friday

I thought the implementation of the I don’t know what was terrible, as well as having no scroll wheel. The camera is more refined and has perfect integration. The layout of the camera is very different than the x100s


After the x 100 f was released, I maintained that I thought the x 100 t was the best implementation of this series. This is because of both the sensor and its slimmer size – making it a perfect option for those who like to travel light. This camera system is very intelligent (it s maybe reconsidered a little bit). I think you can make an argument that the v is now the best iteration of Fujifilm.

However, I was disappointed with the x100t because it lacks the tilting function of the x1 series.
I don’t find it to be a great hindrance, but this is something I would have preferred being implemented into an update to the already sought-after little camera that has helped me love photography again. I often use this camera as I would an appointment shoot, which is to say that I don’t ever look through the viewfinder. Instead of using the EVF, I use the screen on the back for scouting and marking my composition. There is something about this camera that just makes me want to do it and it feels natural so that


I’ve been a fan of the x 100 series, and the x 100 t is one of my favorites. It has an excellent form factor for single-handed shooting that feels good to hold . I like how the back of fujifilm x100t review are laid out. The shutter speed dial feels solid and somehow, this is a very satisfying feeling. I also admire how stiff it is to manage exposure compensation button – it gives me a sense of security while shooting in manual mode. When something is fun to play with, you

I love the sensor and lens combination in this camera. I have always enjoyed the 23mm shooter because people seem to be sensitive about its softness wide-open, but I feel that when they do this is unfair to criticize it for being like a pseudo macro lens or something similar, which has been my experience with it. I find myself opening the aperture a little wider if I want more bokeh and using this camera to take snapshots at the end of a day or while on vacation.


I find the lens of this camera to be quite sharp and I feel like I have several examples of that. If you stop down to 2.8, it takes a tack sharp photograph in my opinion. Considering how small the sensor is, it’s amazing that they were able to include such a high quality lens. I love how my Fujifilm X100T is great for documentation while on vacation and capturing landscapes. For example, the last time I went to the beach, I took it with me and it was perfect for getting shots of our surroundings – landscape or otherwise!

Fujifilm X100T Black Friday Deals

Why pick Fujifilm X100T on Black Friday?

The camera does a good job getting out of my way when I am trying to capture what is in front of me, and it only stops me from stepping on the subject if they happen to be close.

The camera handles any level of movement with great speed, and has plenty of frames per second without hesitation. I think, however, that the autofocusing system is not as fast as it could be. Compared to other models from Sony, it feels a bit sluggish and slow.

Final Verdict

The autofocus system in this camera isn’t the fastest on the market, but for what I use it for it works just fine. It would not be fair to expect this camera to be able to follow subjects like a high-end sports body would. This isn’t a knock against Fujifilm, but some of those characteristics might turn off other types of photography enthusiasts.

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