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Fire TV Stick Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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This guide will give you a complete guide for Fire TV Stick sales and discounts this upcoming weekend.

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Fire TV Stick Black Friday Deals 2021

The Amazon Fire Stick 4k is the latest version of a HDMI streaming media player from amazon that allows viewers to watch tv programs, listen to music and much more. This review will not be for one of the illegitimate hacks or jailbreaks on the market as we have already seen what can happen when this happens.

Fire TV Stick 4k Black Friday

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon is releasing a new 4K variant of the Fire TV Stick that promises more power and space.

This is a larger device at 4 inches, not including the part that plugs into your HDMI port. The width and depth of it are not significant issues, as it is beefy and standard flash drives next to it on top-of-it measure the length. There is depth here, though not as much as I expected. The depth of the stick matches that of a deck of playing cards.


The device measures 4.5 inches long, 1.0 inch wide, and is 0.5 inch in depth with the widest part being about an eighth of an inch at its thickest point when holding it vertically.

fire tv stick 4k prime day deal

Amazon’s standalone Fire TV Stick 4K is built-in with a 4K and HDR 10 compliant HDMI, meaning the device meets up to basic specifications. Honestly though, the device has no branding at all. It only have one micro USB power port on it (no Ethernet supported) that attaches directly into a wall socket or computer.


The Stick 4K is their shorter model, so it’s elongated to some degree. But that’s not terrible; it still gets a power brick. And you get a 5-foot USB cord here too. You also have this HDMI extension, which will allow you to place your Amazon Fire Stick anywhere.

HDMI Ports

HDMI plug the device into your TV, wire it up, and you’re good to go. I don’t have a 4K HDTV, but this was on sale – couldn’t pass it up at that price!
4K will become more affordable in the future, so I’m future-proofing myself a little bit When I plugged this in, I had the option of plugging it directly into my TV set or a power outlet. This device draws too much power to use from your TV, so I used a cable to connect it instead.

Fire TV Stick Cyber Monday Deals

Why pick Fire TV Stick 4k on Black Friday?

With no shortage of entertainment sources available to stream on televisions these days, having another device in the living room won’t necessarily take up much space. Plus, when idling between shows, it’s only using one point three watts of power which is significantly less than other streaming players such as the Roku Streaming Stick. The review is now over so I The screen saver mode is not as efficient because it uses power when idle.

Final Verdict

I am getting the batteries ready for this remote because I will need them to power it up. The remote that came with the Fire TV Stick also has not connected to my Wi-Fi network so I am wondering how complicated it will be. I can only comment on the process itself at this point, and not yet the product.

I’m curious to see if that’s the network it automatically jumped back to. It runs through the codes itself.

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