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DJI Phantom 3 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Increasing prices for DJI Phantom 3 Memorial Day or Cyber Monday Quadcopter Drone is not a surprise, with all the supply and demand issues.

DJI Phantom 3 Black Friday Deals 2021

The DJI Phantom 3 has significantly better image quality than my old drone with a GoPro Hero 4 Black, and seems to be worth the investment.

dji phantom 3 black friday


The only bad thing about the DJI PHANTOM 3 is that when you’re in strong winds, its internal parts can get messy. The DJI Phantom 3 is an easy and reliable way to get aerial images.

It looks like it has a pause button. When you fly, there’s a pause point, and it will stop right there! The distance on this drone is better than we were promised- about one football field away. If I’m away from my transmitter for one and a half miles, or if the transmitter battery is 15.2 volts with 4480 milliamps, it will last around 28 minutes at full charge. This is way better than advertised because the advertisement says 2022 mAh and this lasts much longer than my 3DR Solo which only lasted 22 minutes under


I’m probably going to purchase another soon. Still, as of right now I can fly about 27 minutes with just one battery. The app is the same on all DJI Phantom 3 models and Spirits, so it’s not a concern for me. However, let me show you how much power this thing has! Please note that the Phantom 3 controller will be affected by magnets close-by.

“If you had an SD card in the bottom right, it would have all of your videos,”
“You can watch live from up here and then top left is pretty much your technical stuff. Battery, satellites, remote connection.” I’ve read how is this still, so 12 megapixel stills can be good other than the fact that it does get a little noisy at night like near sunset. Still, the shots are so perfect I can take down the noise in little bit.


I click my DJI icon on the Mac then need to switch over to my desktop and open up a program called El Capitan. Then I go into it so there’s a preview of what I’m going to do, which is import video files. I keep a lot of things in my backpack before I go exploring but recently I found the DJI Phantom II Holder, which has plenty of space for everything you need. It even keeps your drone safe from thieves when you store it in your car. To operate the drone, I need to place the remote controller here. The drone goes over there and connects right here once those are in place.

Negative: To avoid accidentally turning on the motors, leave the battery out so that it doesn’t need to be turned off.
Positive: The drone is ready for use anywhere without requiring a Battery Pack or a Charge, Dji offers various effective tripods I usually have my subjects take the camera, while I hold up the heavy backpack and get everything ready. It doesn’t take long for me to set up the drone – about two or three minutes tops- because it’s heavier with all of its electronics and computers.

dji phantom 3 black friday deals

Why pick DJI Phantom 3 on Black Friday?

The GPS satellites work well at ground level, but as the drone ascends and gets more distance from the receiver they struggle with accuracy. The controller has a few glitches that may cause problems when using the phone.

I have to figure it out myself, but I don’t know which one. I don’t even know what the battery comes with. It doesn’t matter how beautiful and functional a drone is if you can t fly it properly after all.

Final Verdict

For my price range, I like shooting 60. My drone can’t do anything above that (it’s not a deal-breaker). I still use and love the product for what it is capable of doing, but if torque were more than it could reach then that would be great.

The GoPro has poor quality because it uses GPS which doesn’t work well for a video; the battery life and flight time wasn’t as good on this drone than with DJI drones. The gimbal is better on DJI drones but they are more expensive and require more care in storage while traveling.

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