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DEWALT Table Saw Black Friday Sale 2021

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Black Friday sale will be coming soon. Get the DEWALT Table Saw sale before its gone.

DEWALT Table Saw Memorial Day Sale 2021

I ve been using my DeWALT table saw for a few years now and have checking the fence levels. The alignment on my table saw was perfect at first. After years of use and regular checking, it stayed that way.

DEWALT Table Saw Memorial Day Sale


The fence is perpendicular to the saw blade, which makes it possible to work on a wide variety of angles. It’s also perfect at 90° and square with the surface. Plus, because it stays sturdy once you tighten the clamps down, there are no worries about its strength.

DEWALT Table Saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021

The fence extension is a much-needed feature for cutting larger pieces that overhang the table. Unlocking it after use, in particular, would be welcome addition.

DEWALT Table Saw Black Friday


The tape measure on the rails of my saw was off by about 2/10ths of an inch, but I quickly fixed the problem. The rocking motion on a DeWALT table saw is mostly due to the rails that they use in construction.

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DEWALT Table Saw...image
DEWALT Table Saw...image
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DEWALT Miter Saw...image
DEWALT Thickness Planer,...image

Unlock/Lock Option

One of the best features of this saw is that you can easily change the position of its fence. To do so, simply unlock and re-lock those two tabs to lock in your new position. This system ensures that your rail screws stay parallel when switching positions.

The knob that moves the fence is not a feature I use. I slide it to where I need and tap it back and forth for slight adjustments.

Motor Power

The power of the saw is impressive. It can cut through a variety of items and materials, although the depth depends on the size of blade being used.

DEWALT Table Saw cyber monday

One of the biggest differences is that there is no lack of power. Hardwoods go through without any issues. I do have to mention that I use separate blades for cutting wood and cross-cutting, but this shouldn’t be an issue.

Start/Stop Buttons

If you apply the start and stop buttons in one swift motion, they work great. If you don’t, it causes your circuit to blow out while using the table saw at a messy work station. I don’t think its much of an issue unless you are careless when applying these features though.

The kill switch works all right. The paddle could be wider, and I feel like I have to press it in really far for it to work. If it came on easier, that would be better. Tilting the saw is about the same as the button.

Once you unlock the mechanism, this table saw kind of swings down. To make an accurate measurement for a cut like 23 degrees or more, it becomes difficult to lock the tool in place without drifting away from your desired angle.


One downside of the saw is its noise. I know it’s a job site saw and that there was no option for a quiet belt-driven motor, but my saw is still far louder than any other one I have tried or seen since making this purchase. Going hands-free with cutting can be a great thing for hearing, but you won t get this benefit when using corded power tools.


I’m also not a fan of the dust extraction. It doesn’t work very well at all. I have an industrial vacuum hooked up to it in my workshop, but after just cutting a few boards, I end up needing to clean up everywhere. No, this applies to all saws of this size and price range.

DEWALT Table Saw deals

Some other points about my table saw that might not apply to your model. I found the T-tracks to be inconsistently sized, which makes it difficult for me to make a slide or use some third party tracks. I solved this by finding the narrowest spots and removing material from the saw.

Final Words

When the blade isn’t running, I have noticed that the two pieces can easily separate from one another. This means that you need to be very careful when passing through narrow blades or any enclosed spaces in a piece of wood like fence posts so it does not cut through your blade and strips of metal may fly off because they are loose. The stone is not completely flat, and no adjustment can fix it.

One issue I ran into is the power cord. It’s about as long as it needs to be, but not a whole lot more.

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