Corsair K95 Platinum Amazon Prime Day Deals 2021

corsair k95 prime day
corsair k95 prime day
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Stay tuned for sales and discounts on Corsair K95 mechanical gaming keyboards during Columbus Day 2021.

Corsair K95 Platinum Columbus Day Deals 2021

Here is the K95 RGB Platinum, different from other K95 and K95 RGB. I dropped it before we started so there’s a piece of plastic inside it but don’t tell anybody because I want to keep it as a little secret. The Corsair K95 keyboard also has a few other differences such as individually backlit keys.

corsair k95 platinum prime day


And unlike the original K95, which had a Skull RGB logo and strip at the top of its keys, this one does not.
It also has altered macros buttons from 18 to six-a number that disappoints you Taran and while Corsair s market research may disagree with you, it is easy to see how other might feel similarly disappointed

Macro Keys Macro Key Keyboard Keyboard Keyboard For most, the rightmost line of macro keys is out of reach. Let me know in the comments if you disagree with that.


While this new version of the Corsair K95 doesn’t have some of the premium features you would expect from a high end keyboard, such as an internal USB hub and separate volume control keys, it does still come with textured spacebar.

One big change to this keyboard is the wrist rest. It now has a dimpled or coarse surface on either side, with a rubberized finish that attaches magnetically.

RGB Keyboard

You can’t even tell which way it’s facing until you try both ways and still don’t prefer any one side.

I’m going to put it back. That’s not to say that I like everything about the wrist rest. On the bottom, you find a cable management cross for your headphones so they can run under your keyboard if you like having your headphone wire come up between your hands.

For Gaming

Tucked away in the lower corner of the wrist rest, there is a button to change DPI settings on your mouse. This feels like an afterthought from design – no clips keep the wire anchored, and you will constantly need to fidget with it. The keyboard might end up under the rubber stoppers at the bottom.

The wrist rest can feel stationary and limited at times, but it does move around should you desire. I am not a huge fan of the plastic clips that are used to attach the wrist rest; they tend to get broken easily and this is one else thing that makes me want to find another option with which to replace mine for now.

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