Cloudways Hosting Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

cloudways hosting deals
cloudways hosting deals
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Are you hunting for Cloudways Hosting Black Friday deals 2021? Check out the best Cyber Monday and Black Friday offers, discounts, and freebies here.

Note: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are not starting yet

Cloudways is a company that specializes in web hosting without actually having a single server. It doesn’t make sense, right? And it’s not shared web hosting either; you get your own virtual private server as part of each plan. Sounds interesting? Keep reading for all the details! One of the best reason to choose cloudways is that they buy servers from Google, Amazon and Yahoo! And sell it without any markup.

Cloudways Black Friday Deals 2021

Cloudways’ servers include the same hardware as you see here one gigabyte of ram, one core, and 25 gigabytes of storage. They are 10 euros/month in a Linux environment and amazon 10 euros more for microsoft Windows. Although it may seem too good to be true, we found that obtaining the same product for half the price was more complicated than you might believe.

Cloudways Black Friday

Cloudways will purchase and set up your virtual server, simplifying the process.

No Need to Deal a Middle Man

You can only use the commands from a remote cloud, but with cloudways acting as a middleman between you and your server it offers great performance servers while charging monthly or yearly prices on their website. Air-time systems charge you based on usage. When selecting the plan, you can choose from different providers with their own pricing models: Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, Amazon or Google being some of them. For myself personally I chose to sign up for an AWS EC2 instance and because at the time this was last written I found vulture to be a good choice between price and performance. I was not accepting sponsorships, so it’s best for your marketing.

Cloudways deals

Why Cloudways is Best?

After testing it for a year, I can confidently say that Cloudways is the best hosting company. Now, let’s get back to my review of Cloudways. You’ll never have to pay anything upfront; there are no upfront costs at all. You’ll decide your billing per month as you go, and only be charged each next month. Getting cloud-powered hosting is actually a great way to make your life easier. But you may want some additional features, like email backups or a content distribution network. In that case, you can always find out how much you’re paying by going into the account settings and clicking on real-time billing.

Cloudways hosting discount


I recommend carefully monitoring this as you might accidentally sign up for an additional service without meaning to, and with the information I’ve provided there isn’t much of a reason to buy from Cloudways. You’re going to have better luck buying from the supplier, but if you don’t know much about managing hosting or value your time more. Cloudways is an excellent option for those in need of a managed service with great features and pricing. I successfully registered a server and my selected hosting provider for the new account was WordPress. I now need to allocate more resources so I can install it on my server, these are all listed in the dashboard once you log into your account. I went with Vulture for my server size. I chose the smallest one and that’s the one that I’m going to be testing. Now I want the physical location of my server to be in New York, after that I just printed Launch Now. WP Engine Black Friday Deals

Pick Cloudways in Black Friday

It took about five minutes for Cloudways to configure my server before I was ready to use it. The benefits of a service like Cloudways with its scalability means that when your resources start running out, you can just upgrade your package and head off the lack of capacity without having to worry about taking down or uninstalling an app or website. Let’s explore how easy it is to host one of these applications. I will be creating a WordPress website and switching between the servers you have, and what those servers are hosting is quite easy. All you need to do is click this switch to switch modes — add a new application or website — and then choose from which server. You want a particular software installed, for the purposes of this tutorial I’ll select WordPress and WooCommerce. It was easy to get my new app running, and it’s robust enough for most customers.

Woo-Commerce Expert

It will create a new WordPress website with WooCommerce already installed on my server as you can see in the application list now I have a WordPress website that I’ve created before filming this review and a Woo-commerce website that I’ve just created if I would like to manage one of these sites. To get your own website for WordPress, just hit the “click to start” button and follow the prompts. You’ll be able to find access information in a convenient location next to the outbound button. You can host as many websites or applications as you like on the cheapest server, and I could even say that you can comfortably host four to five small sites. I made what I always do. I had a website design that looked sample, and here’s how it looks in reality. I used GT Metrics to test the loading speed of my website.

Cloudways Hosting Cyber Monday Deals

Cloudways hosted my site faster than the other hosting company that charged more. I also tested a service called the dk6 cloud, which simulates 50 bots to see how well it performs under load. It didn’t have any difference like no difference at all. The site remained fast and stable as thousands of requests were being made every second. It’s not a surprise that these cheap virtual private servers would perform better than top shared web hosting options because, after all, they’re designed to be superior in performance. You have your own private server and are not only able to control individual resources, but also all the other things you need like backups. This issue as well but it’s not the OMG this is the best thing I’ve ever seen in my whole life kind of deal. It comes with its fair share of problems and here are some for you to know. One problem is that you don’t get a domain name with any purchase from them; a domain name is your website’s name. I am not in the market for purchasing that website name just yet but plan to soon.

cloudways cyber monday

Cloudways manages your servers and automatically assigns you a public IP address. In order for the domain to work, I would need to set up my domains so that they point at this assigned IP address.


You’ll get the hang of it once you’ve seen a few common problems. Explaining the problem to somebody else is even more difficult, though. Cloudways is universally banned in every web hosting forum or discussion board I’ve been on. Why do they have employees pretending to be customers answering questions on sites like this thread. When the employee is called out this time he discloses that he’s working for Cloudways, but in other threads they’re talking as if they are a customer.

No More Spam

24/7 Support:

I believe that cloudway’s customer service isn’t good and I’ve shown you a variety of examples. One way to contact them is by email but they only have a phone line for sales and billing which does not work at all because there are too many customers trying to call in. Another way is using live chat, which doesn’t actually work either Although there’s a live chat capability, when I tried it, the service was still automated and failed to provide any useful answers.

Final Verdict:

I’m not sure what the knowledge-based articles were about, but they weren’t helpful at all in providing me help with operating my account. I contacted customer service and had to repeatedly click an option for a lot of different reasons. The response was delayed because of this problem that required a human’s help to fix and it took too long before I

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