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Canon Eos R Black Friday Sale 2021

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Canon EOS R Black Friday Deals 2021

Canon Eos R Memorial Day Sale 2021

The future of what Canon will create in the mirrorless world has been incredibly exciting with its new RF lenses and cameras, but there are some drawbacks to this camera.

I am going to be discussing the positives and negatives of this camera. The image quality is good, but it is about 30-megapixels similar to the Canon 5d Mark 4.


The first feature I love about this camera is the electronic viewfinder. The viewfinder on a DSLR is optical, but mirrorless systems don’t have that same design which can be delayed by other circumstances like for example when you’re in bright sunlight, so the electronic viewfinder of this camera becomes much more valuable. Added that the Nikon Z7 Memorial Day sale was also mentioned in the review.

This camera is also a touchscreen that is a 3.7 million dot screen and it has no mirror to worry about; you’re looking at what the picture will look like with live footage before you take the photo. My favorite feature of this camera is its 100% wide focus area from top to bottom and 88% side-to-side guaranteeing great


@@ You have full control over the focal point in a scene.
@@ The screen splits into two parts, one showing your entire composition for checking before shooting, and the other with a magnified view of different points that you can click on to adjust the focus.


Older lenses like EF or EFS lenses require a special adapter to work with the Canon EOS R camera. This adapter also has an option for plain drop-in filters, but it lacks the control ring located on newer models.

Canon Eos R Black Friday

Single Shot Mode

Canon’s EOS R camera is designed to capture moving objects through its new eye-tracking system.

Image stabilization

This camera has a macro lens which is good for close-up photography. It also has image stabilization, which is important to me because it saves on lenses and weight savings when going from a traditional film SLR to a (fill in the blank), both electronically.

Macro Shots

Moving from a DSLR to the EOS R isn’t always as easy as it may seem. I get photos that are sharper, and I can use my camera in macro mode for close-up shots you can’t get with a high zoom lens.

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