Canon EOS 80D Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2021 [Top 5]

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Are you looking for Canon EOS 80D Black Friday Deals 2021? This article will give you a complete guide for Canon 80D Cyber Monday new sales and discounts.

Canon EOS 80D Black Friday Deals 2021

The Canon 80D offers an APS-C sized CMOS sensor that works well for filmmakers, using six processors.

canon 80d black friday


The camera sensor records 1080p do at up to 60 frames per second this is combined with a front-facing fully articulating touchscreen that incorporates dual pixel autofocus and displays canon’s well-known color reproduction. Canon makes quality products, and the Canon EOS 80D is no exception. In fact, it has some features that have made it ideal for both videographers/filmmakers as well as vloggers. Let’s not get bogged down in its six-year-old specs and just look at what this camera can do. We hope you enjoyed checking out the Canon EOS 80D Black Friday deals.


Filming with this camera is incredibly easy because there’s little to no learning curve. The Canon 80D gives you the ability to get solid-looking results without doing any heavy lifting in post and that is perfect for filmmakers like me.

Canon a TD is designed to be used by beginners, but also has intuitive and efficient camera features developed for seasoned filmmakers. With its Dual Pixel autofocus system and many other perks, Canon a TD has become my go-to DSLR camera. New owners of the TD will be able to take advantage full.


For those who shoot in a run-and-gun style (such as single shooters or people with little time for monitors) the Canon dual pixel autofocus system guarantees perfect focus nearly always. Canon’s articulated touch screen display and keen color technology contribute to this camera’s excellent filmmaking.

Canon EOS 80D Black Friday Deals

Why pick Canon EOS 80D on Black Friday?

In this review, we ll look at the best and worst aspects of this DSLR in order to decide if it’s for you. The camera’s capture resolution is capped at 1080p even though it has the capability for 4K.
This isn’t a deal breaker, but customers shouldn’t believe that they are getting their fill of sharp detail simply because the camera advertises itself as “high definition.”

A couple of years old, can only record up to 60 FPS (frames per second), and there’s no slow-motion support like that in other cameras.

Final Verdict

Reviewing the video quality of the Canon EOS 80D camera, you might think that things are getting worse. For starters, the bitrate is limited to about 19 megabits per second.
However, this also means that capture time has been increased in comparison to other cameras because of how much compression it takes place while creating your footage. The image quality for post-production work in not nearly as great with this camera. That doesn’t mean that it captures a bad video though, on the contrary: its footage is very good and its stills are stunning–but you can’t do much colour grading with the impost or other tasks without risking damage to the picture

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